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Pennsylvania Anticipates More Details Regarding Future Mini-Casino Locations

The state of Pennsylvania has been putting its efforts into diversifying its gaming field for the past several months and the works put into it comes into fruition at last. Casino operators willing to built their coveted satellite casino venues which received licensing earlier this spring are looking for ways to accomplish their set goals.

It could be recalled that the state faced one of the biggest threats for its economical equilibrium last year when it was established that the gaping hole in the state budget should not continue existing. It amounted to some $2.2 billion and was threatening the development of the local gambling industry as a whole. The obvious solution for the state lawmakers was to give green light to a gaming expansion which has the potential to completely reshape the local gambling field.

Along the lines of the said expansion, the state was supposed to witness up to 10 new mini casinos start operation. Furthermore, video gambling terminals located in truck stops were also allowed, as well as online gambling and betting in airports which was expected to generate a considerable amount of funds in the long run. At the mid-November, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board released a web page listing state municipalities that have already expressed their unwillingness to host satellite casinos.

The said towns and municipalities made it clear that their position will not change and they are not willing to welcome a new satellite casino venue in their region. There have also been concerns expressed regarding the future casino venues and their potential to cannibalize the field and make it hard for currently existing gambling facilities to keep their existing revenue rates. However, the interest towards the licensing auctions was gradually decreasing, until there were no bidders willing to make their way to the arranged meetings.

Development Is Expected in the Upcoming Months

This was when the process of satellite casino venue licensing issuing hit roadblock, but that was not considered an issue since the authorities have already amassed 127.7 million up until the last fifth auction. During the third auction for a mini-casino licensing the largest bid came from the management of Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Pocono Mountains claiming the construction of a venue in Lawrence County which was welcomed with great content by the community there.

Lawrence County Commissioner Dan Vogler expressed his position that the community will benefit a lot from the new location. According to this estimations, the new mini-casino will be able to attract gambling enthusiasts from as many as five other counties located in the vicinity of Lawrence County. Since the area is situated close to the Ohio border this could result in players traveling from the neighboring state in order to participate in gambling activities.

The bid itself amounted to some $21.2 million and it pinpointed a location near New Castle which would have the potential to provide the proper conditions for a mini-casino operation. There is a six-month period given to every casino operator with a winning bid which has to be utilized for decision making. According to the previously established rules, 12th August was supposed to be the deadline for the submission of an application to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

In it, the casino operator ought to specify the chosen exact location for casino construction, as well as additional plans for the facility. Now it is clear that the casino developer would need more time in order to introduce its plans for development and in a petition filed it proposed a two-month extension of the deadline. The proposed next date for application submission was 12th October.

For the time being the proper location for a mini-casino is being chosen and as it has been confirmed by a spokesperson for the casino operator, more information is going to be issued publicly in September. The proposed extension now has to be voted by the gaming authority which has a scheduled meeting on 18th July.

 Author: Harrison Young

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