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Is Asia-Pacific Region Ready to Rake In amid eSports Invasion in the Next Few Years?

Just like sports betting enjoys quite the popularity around the globe and attracts players from across the world, there is an emerging field striving to claim an equal share of the wagering industry and this is the world of eSports. The Asia-Pacific region is actively seeking ways in which it could capitalize on the potential of the eSports betting field and increase its popularity even more in the upcoming years.

People might consider gaming a primary solitary pastime activity, as they associate it with long hours of staring into the brightly lit screen and fervent game action. What should be taken into account, however, is that the world of eSports provides much more opportunities for socializing and utilizing its potential than most people expect. Gambling with the resources provided by eSports is not a new practice, but it has gained momentum in the past years.

People interested in such could either place their bets with the help of a bookmaker during a given eSports match or event or gamble with the purchase of an in-game object, such as a weapon or skin. This virtual equipment is later utilized in the game giving players advantage above the rest. Major sponsorship is being attracted to every important event or championship, guaranteeing a premium level of action and organization. Many of the leading professional players who make a living in the sector represent their home countries to the liking of China and South Korea.

The Asian region is already witnessing the immense speed of development this field has. More and more countries turn towards the emerging field in an attempt to make a good use of it. eSports gambling on skins and other pieces of equipment throughout any given game is one of the concealed ways in which players have the chance to gamble and potentially win. With the help of this type of gambling, players from mainland China, for example, have the chance to participate in virtual wagering activities, even though this is a practice strictly prohibited by the law.

eSports Field in Asia Forecasted to Go Big by 2020

China is willing to work on developing the field and Lanxiang Technical School in Jinan is the first educational facility which provides its students with an eSports program aiming to elevate their skills and train them to be the best. This is being done in an attempt to bring more talented players to the field and encourage them to become pro so that the industry progresses ahead. According to a recently issued report by Tencent, the local field is set to experience a significant surge in popularity as some 350 million players would be able to log in by 2020.

As for the revenue amassed as a result of this jump, it is projected to reach some $1.5 billion per year. Along with the raised popularity of the field, a bigger gambling potential is expected to occur which is more than anticipated by enthusiasts willing to explore its potential. China could be able to provide some 59 percent of the overall player pool on a global scale. In the meantime, Japan has also been working on its future eSports field and the ruling party in Japan has decided to give professional gaming tournaments a chance as they are one of the fastest developing fields in the gaming world.

Since the country is also currently working on its gambling field, eSports wagering could also be featured along with other gaming offerings. The general incentive of the neighboring countries in this region would be to compete well. This means that if one of them launches eSports betting in a completely regulated and safe manner, the rest leading players in the Asia-Pacific region would also have to make a move. February was the month which brought the inaugural video game tournament at the Makuhari Messe convention center near Tokyo.

The game titles which were featured in the eSports event were provided by Konami Holdings Corp., Mixi Inc., and three other local companies. Australia is another major player in the Asia-Pacific region when it comes to eSports tournaments and gambling related to them, as there are some 11 million gamers. Australian-based casino developer and operator Aquis Entertainment Ltd. has set the goal to introduce a brand new eSports venture together with Executive Sports and Entertainment.

The so-called QeSports will provide the field with competitive video gaming advisory, as well as give new players the chance to enter the industry and potentially make their way to the top positions with the help of the management agency. Betting on matches in Australia is legal and properly regulated and enjoying grand popularity among gambling enthusiasts utilizing the offerings of leading bookmakers. Participants have their rights protected while wagering, which has the potential to boost the industry further.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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