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Australian Aquis Entertainment Prepares to Explore eSports Field with New Company

The Australian industry of competitive video gaming is currently going through a period of intense development and there seem to be new offerings available for grabs every other day. Such is the case with Australian-based casino developer and operator Aquis Entertainment Ltd. which has set the goal to introduce a brand new eSports venture together with Executive Sports and Entertainment.

It is not a secret to anyone that the world of eSports has a big potential both because of its entertainment qualities and its gambling factor which is what attracts many people to it and gives them the chance to put their knowledge and judgment to the test. Over the span of the last several years, the competitive video gaming field in Australia managed to reach new levels of progress and some of the examples for this hard work put in the sector are known on a global scale.

Among them are the complete refurbishing of Hoyt cinemas performed by eSports company Gfinity which transformed them into new arenas for eSports matches which enjoy the attention of thousands of enthusiasts, as well as the collaboration between mobile provider Telstra and professional eSports teams. The ultimate goal of this partnership was a real-life test of the new 5G mobile network available for the subscribers of the mobile operator.

Joint Venture with Executive Sports and Ent Aims High

This next collaboration is expected to add up to the success of eSports Down Under and bring an even larger positive impact on the field. The new joint venture which is set to bring a breath of fresh air to the sector goes by the name of QeSports. According to the information given this new business will strive to make new investments in the developing market and potentially elevate its performance in the upcoming months and years.

Aquis is well-known for its management of Casino Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory and as it could be recalled earlier this month the casino developer received an extension to its plans for a redevelopment of the venue. Back in 2015, the casino operator proposed some A$330 million to be invested in the rebuilding of Casino Canberra and bringing it back to life with a modernized and attractive look.

Now the government of the Australian Capital Territory gave Aquis more time to generate the funds needed. With the help of this new venture, the entire process might be facilitated, since it is expected to boost both companies financially. QeSports will provide the field with competitive video gaming advisory, as well as give new players the chance to enter the industry and potentially make their way to the top positions with the help of the management agency.

Among the services it is going to have the capacity to provide are a provision of advice, media training, and partnerships to eSports players. There are as many as 11 million video gamers within the borders of Australia only whereas 3.2 million engage in eSports tournaments as viewers enjoying the riveting action which also has a considerable gambling potential to itself.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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