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MGM Springfield Already Accepts Hotel Room Booking ahead of Launch Date

The state of Massachusetts is well-known for its progressive gambling policy and the rapid development that takes place across the region. With less than two months remaining until the official opening of MGM Springfield, the international casino operator is now accepting reservations for its wide variety of hotel rooms and suites which would see their first guests on 24th August.

Over the span of the past several months, the location has been steadily following its previously designated path and this could be seen by the results the casino developer has been able to accomplish several weeks prior to the official launch date. Now that the region is so close to the opening date, the last touches are being introduced to the venue and people have the chance to reserve their accommodation ahead of time.

Customers would want it for them to be the first guests of a brand new luxurious hotel venue, as forecasted by the gambling operator, which is why they have the opportunity to pick their preferred accommodation option. They are presumably upscale like the rest of the casino resorts overseen by MGM Resorts, all striving to provide players with the required A-list offerings. There are some 250 hotel rooms available for booking right now, in addition to 16 luxurious suites providing upscale accommodation.

They carry the spirit of the area, which is also translated into the entire venue of the casino resort. It was recently announced that the facility is designed in a way that would allow the displaying of art pieces that are somehow related to the cultural influence of the region. The theme runs throughout the whole facility and brings together the location in relation to its surroundings. This is striving to further promote the venue and attract more people to the location making it a preferred one in the long run.

Springfield Set to Witness Improvement

As many as 3,000 people would be employed in the operation process of the new venue, as they were attracted with the help of several work fairs over the span of the past few months. The $960-million resort casino organized some of the largest job fairs conducted in the state of Massachusetts which succeeded in attracting many future employees willing to become part of the structure of the international casino operator.

In addition to the work on the casino resort itself, there is also additional work to be finalized in the vicinity of MGM Springfield which strives to improve the overall state of the area. This week is set to witness some long-anticipated roadwork in the surroundings of the new resort, that might introduce the possibility of traffic delays. However, it is all being done in an attempt to better the experience of the location’s guests and the time they spend at MGM Springfield.

What should be taken into account, is the fact that this project has been long overdue and as such, it is of great importance for the community. It is set to include the complete reconstruction of sidewalks, curbing, and signs. Throughout the downtown area of Springfield, there would be construction work, aiming to renovate roadways, intersections, as well as traffic signals ahead of the official launch of the new casino resort.

MGM Resorts is the benefactor of the project which is going to invest some $5.5 million in the joint project with the city, that could deliver a considerable improvement to the area just in time for the opening date. There is also the project which is going to introduce a total of 40 promotional signs to the area advertising the businesses that are going to be featured at the new location.

Some of them are food and beverage offerings such as Cal Mare restaurant, Cal Mare Wine Shoppe, The Chandler restaurant, Starbucks, but there are also additional entertainment spots to the liking of MGM TAP Sports Bar, Western Mass News, and Topgolf Swing Suite.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.