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MGM Springfield Commences Promotional Work with Commercial Signs Installation

The state of Massachusetts is going to have a riveting summer when it comes to its gaming industry since one long-anticipated casino resort launches, that of MGM Springfield is expected to take place this August and preparations are already underway. After a unanimous approval of the previously proposed signs which are going to attract players to the location, now the casino location is set to introduce as many as 40 tenant signs to the area.

This summer is expected to witness the official launch of one casino resort promising a lot to the region of Springfield when it comes to gaming offerings and employment possibilities. MGM Resort has been working on this new project for quite some time now and now the casino developer and operator is almost ready with the last touches to the casino resort which is scheduled to have its opening ceremony on 24th August.

The project amounts to some $960 million, striving to provide its patrons and guests with a premium level of gambling experience. With the help of the said 40 signs advertising businesses which are set to be tenants and offer their products and services on site. Some of them are food and beverage offerings such as Cal Mare restaurant, Cal Mare Wine Shoppe, The Chandler restaurant, Starbucks, but there are also additional entertainment spots to the liking of MGM TAP Sports Bar, Western Mass News, and Topgolf Swing Suite.

MGM Resorts Brings More to the Community

As for the signs themselves, they are going to range from projecting signs and awning signs to standard wall and window signs promoting a business. The number of signs is established in a way that would optimally cover the given territory previously chosen for promotion. They will be installed on the facades of buildings located on Main Street, as well as the Entertainment Plaza, Union Street, Howard Street, and State Street.

Since the region of the new casino resort is one of the booming high-traffic areas, MGM Resorts is willing to have all eyeballs and promote its offerings to as many people as possible. The news comes as an addition to the recently announced decision of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to introduce a 4 a.m. last call for alcoholic beverages serving at the casino venue of MGM Springfield.

After a 4-1 vote of the proposed regulation, now the new casino resort is set to be the only venue in the state to serve alcohol past 2 a.m. One of the reasons stated by Seth Stratton, Vice President of MGM Springfield was that players at other MGM casino venues, as a rule, are not used to having a time limit when it comes to alcoholic consumption. By providing them with an extended cut off hour, the casino operator and developer is going to give them the freedom to enjoy the full potential of the venue for a longer period of time.

In the light of these recent events, MGM Resorts was named one of the companies which have dedicated the most efforts to the region and its improvement. Along with the as many as 3,000 new work spots it is set to open with the launch of the new venue, the operator has also collaborated with the Holyoke Community College in order to give green light to HCC MGM Culinary Arts Institute. It gives its students the chance to acquire a premium level of education when it comes to the culinary industry.

 Author: Harrison Young

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