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MGM Springfield Settles Extended Last Call ahead of Casino Resort Launch in August

The state of Massachusetts is already bracing for the official launch of its brand new casino location which will be managed by the international casino developer and operator MGM Resorts. Over the span of the weeks ahead of the opening date this August more and more details are being revealed to the public, such as the recently approved regulation which would allow MGM Springfield to serve alcohol up until 4 a.m.

This news comes as a significant surprise to the residents of the state as well as the gambling industry since it has always been an established rule that facilities across all fields abide by the law to put an end to alchohol offering at 2 a.m. Now MGM Springfield is going to have this deadline extended with two additional hours at its casino resort. Massachusetts Gaming Commission had a special vote this Thursday dedicated to the decision and its members expressed their approval with a 4-1 vote in favor of the new regulation.

With the help of this new liquor license, all players of the casino venue will be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages until the early morning. One of the arguments provided in support of this decision came from Seth Stratton who is the Vice President of MGM Springfield. He stated that casino patrons which participate in gaming activities on a regular basis are used to not having time limits when it comes to the alcoholic beverages provided on site.

In order to keep the consistent pattern which is present throughout the rest of the casino venues managed by the casino operator, the new location should also feature an extended cutoff hour. In a recent statement, the casino developer and operator made it clear that the new movie theater complex which will be available on site is going to be managed by no other than Regal Cinemas. It is going to feature as many as seven screens, as well as about 650 theater seats.

Casino Developer Putting Finishing Touches to the New Resort

Entertainment offerings do not stop at that since there would also be a bowling alley located below the floor with cinema theaters, as well as a wide variety of retail offerings. The new casino resort is set to launch operation on 24th August which is why preparations for the big opening are already reaching their final stages.

This week was set to witness the last two hiring events which are expected to fill the remaining job positions at the new casino resort. According to the initial plans, the new venue managed by MGM Resorts will be able to provide a new employment to as many as 3,000 people working in the region. Up to this point the state of Massachusetts has never seen a hiring process of this magnitude.

Since this is a relatively large number of people making their way towards the job fairs, the casino developer is willing to make the process smoother, which is why the first step of every application involves the utilization of MGM Resorts’ online platform. Once they have been approved for participation they can attend one of the events with their special invitation.

The last event is set to take place on 24th June, two months prior to the opening date. No reservations are necessary for participation in job fair which is going to be hosted at the MassMutual Center in Springfield. Up to this point, as many as 2,000 people have been contacted with a job offer, meaning that this last event will aim to fill up the remaining spots providing average salaries of more than $40,000.

Among the job positions which are open for locksmiths, electronics technicians, carpenters. In addition to them, there would be spots for human resources, retail management, conference services, security jobs, hair stylist, massage therapist, as well as inventory control. Casino employees will be obliged to own a gaming license issued by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

 Author: Harrison Young

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