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Parx Casino Continues Mini-Casino Venue Talks with South Middleton Township

The gambling field of Pennsylvania seems to be going through a lot with many parallel lines of development all striving to improve the status quo and boost the local economy in a time-efficient manner. A brand new Category 4 casino venue could soon be introduced to the South Middleton Township which is having conversations with the casino developer and operator Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment and both parties have not yet abandoned their discussions.

What is special about the said category of casino venues is that they are also known as satellite gaming facilities or mini-casinos. Within the location of this facilities, there could operate between 300 and 750 slot devices. In addition to that, the casino developer could opt for the introduction of as many as 30 gaming tables which could be done via the purchasing of a license which costs some $2.5 million. The initial plan of the state was to sprinkle a total of ten mini-casinos across the state in an attempt to boost the field.

However, the interest towards participation in the auctions for the licenses was gradually declining which is why the authorities decided to put an end to them at least for the time being. One of the casino developers which won mini-casino licensing was the one that oversees the management of Parx Casino and Racetrack in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. It could be recalled that the winning bid proposed a location in a 15-mile radius of South Newton Township.

The next step was choosing the best county which could host the new venue, and as it turns out, this might be the challenging one as well. Back in May, it became clear that Carlisle Borough might not be that enthusiastic about a new gambling venue within its area and the proposal of Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment remained without a nod. The community there was not keen on a new casino venue being built in their borough since it could spark problem gambling issue due to its easy accessibility.

Considered Location for Satellite Casino Could Bring Benefits

Their actions came to show how the community could make or break the plans of a given business and make their voices heard by the authorities. Thanks to their stern position the City Council had to return to its original stance on the subject and deny the casino developer the right to construct in the area. South Middleton was the next option for Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment which might prove to bring more than just conversations.

Meetings continue between Township Manager Cory Adams and officials representing Parx Casino and Racetrack, striving to come up with a suitable for all parties plan for action. There is also the factor of demonstrating interest towards construction, as both parties attempt to measure to what extent the other one is ready for the move. According to the information provided by the representatives of Parx Casino and Racetrack, they are going to have a special meeting with the Board of Supervisors of South Middleton Township.

What they would do is present the mini-casino plan they have come up with. This is set to happen sometime in July or the very first days of August. The main reason why the casino operator picked this location for its potential future operation is that it is neighboring to the initially chosen one. Expecting to bring the same market to the new location, South Middleton Township has the potential to welcome the new satellite casino venue.

There is a considerable number of commercial lots available which could attract more people to the region, as well as a couple of Interstate 81 interchanges, providing easy access to it. The upcoming weeks are set to witness more news regarding the potential new satellite casino venue in South Middleton Township.

 Author: Harrison Young

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