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Parx Casino Developer Redirects Satellite Casino Construction Efforts to South Middleton

The state of Pennsylvania has not yet completely abandoned its plans for Category 4 casino venues peppered across the state, as it is visible by the talks held between counties and casino operators in possession of a gaming license. It was recently reported that Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment has commenced conversation regarding a new mini gaming facility in South Middleton.

Category 4 casino venues could soon begin appearing across Pennsylvania counties and it is all a matter of time before the received gaming licenses are put into action. This move is part of the state’s plan for remedying the budget and potentially filling the gaping hole which slows down the general development of the region. Since gambling is one of the efficient ways to do so several casino operators managed to acquire licensing for the operation of a Category 4 casino venue. What is yet to be discussed is the particular location of the state mini-casino facilities.

This Thursday saw the announcement that the township has entered preliminary conversation regarding a new casino venue which could be built there. The meeting aimed to show that the county is ready for a gambling facility and supports the idea, but another topic of discussion was also the potential benefits which this new venture might bring to South Middleton. However, this was still considered an introductory meeting and no solid arrangements were done.

Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment Eyes Another Township

The next step would be for the casino developer which oversees the operation of Parx Casino to commence formal discussion and demonstrate its serious interest in the future development. It could be recalled that the winning bid proposed a location in a 15-mile radius of South Newton Township. The first months of this year brought a relatively fast-paced development of the mini-casino auction which attracted a considerable amount of bidders at least in their early stages.

One of the conditions under which the said mini-casinos are going to be constructed is that they should not be located anywhere in a 25-mile range of an operating gambling facility. Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment is one of the developers and operators which proposed a winning bid at one of the auctions held earlier this year and eventually won.

The next step would be choosing the best county which could host the new venue, and as it turns out, this might be the challenging one as well. Earlier this month it became clear that Carlisle Borough might not be that enthusiastic about a new gambling venue within its area and the proposal of Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment remained without a nod.

Residents of the county were strongly opposing the proposal and the main argument is that an easily-accessible casino venue would flare up the gambling problem in the region. Earlier this month the county decided to skip voting whether or not a mini-casino should be built in the area and a majority of the community was content with the decision.

 Author: Harrison Young

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