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USD Casinos Online

S. Stoynova (editor) |

The US dollar market is the largest in the world and online casino operators do their best to fill the needs in this particular market. And as you would probably suspect, the USD is accepted at a wide range of online gambling sites such as sportsbooks, bookmakers, betting exchanges, online poker rooms, and casinos.

Below you can find the top rated online casino sites where you can deposit and withpaydraw real money in USD.

US dollar

It should be noted that even though many online gambling sites support payments in USD, most do not accept US players due to the current online gambling status in most states. That said, many players around the world, outside the USA, still prefer to gamble using the US dollar, as they are familiar with the currency and handle most of their payments in USD. Another reason for international players choosing USD for their casino payments is the lack of local currency support in most virtual casinos. Despite the tight online casino regulations in the majority of states, there are still several states that have legalized online gaming, with a number of online casinos specifically catering to US players, supporting payments exclusively in USD. Each state that has introduced legal online casino gambling has its respective regulatory body responsible for overlooking the gambling scene in the state. Some of the regulators that are currently responsible for regulating the online casino scene in the USA include the Jersey Gambling Commission, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, and the Michigan Gaming Control Board, to name a few.

You should have no problem whatsoever locating USD casinos online as there are numerous gaming websites that support the popular currency. If and when online gambling is legalized all over the USA, we will definitely see a large increase in the number of USD players logging online to gamble. Numbers for 2022 annual online casino revenue revealed a 35.2% year-over-year growth to $5.02 billion. If the industry expands to operate legally in more states, those numbers could significantly increase, with USD casinos becoming even further integrated into the iGaming scene.

Pure Vegas Casino

Pure Vegas Casino
Screenshot of Pure Vegas Casino

Pure Vegas Casino is the highest rated brand for USA casino players or for those of you who want to create an account in USD. It accepts players from all over the world, including US residents. The software is powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG) and features over 100 casino games with high quality graphics and sound effects. There are two options to play at Pure Vegas Casin- – download and instant. There are special promotions for all new customers – on your first deposit you get 100% mathc bonus of up to $800. Same is the promo for the second and the third deposit bonus. You can deposit with Mastercard or Visa, Ecocard, American Express, UseMyWallet, Moneybookers and Gold Pay.

Rushmoe Casino

Rushmoe Casino
Screenshot of Rushmoe Casino

Rushmore Casino is another great brand for those of you can enjoy playing roulette and table games like blackjack, baccarat or craps. It also has a nice collection of over 50 slots games. You can create a real money account in USD and use the following payment methods in order to deposit funds: Mastercard, Visa, Ecocard, Neteller, American Express, Click2Pay, UseMyWallet, Gold Pay. Rushmore Casino is powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG) and accept US citizens. They maintain a truly fair, transparent, and secure gaming environment and build long-lasting relationships with the players. To demonstrate ourtransparency there is a unique, built-in game and financial history feature. Any player can review every wager ever placed, including the exact date and time.

Popular Banking Methods Supporting USD Payments

Finding a convenient payment solution supporting USD payments is generally speaking an easy task. That said, with regulations strictly overseeing the online gaming scene in each state, finding a method that is accepted as a means of handling online casino payments in the US can be a tough task. As more states welcome a more regulated online casino sector, finding a reliable banking option for your USD-based online casino payments has become easier.

Nowadays, casino players can resort to various payment options supporting USD deposits and withdrawals. Not to mention, due to the popularity of USD among international players, there are multiple global e-wallets, prepaid cards, and other banking solutions that allow smooth payments carried out in USD.

Cash App

Cash App One of the newest, yet most convenient ways to handle your online casino payments in a US-friendly online casino is Cash App. The service is currently exclusively available in the UK and the US, with payments carried out in USD and GBP. With CashApp being extremely popular among US customers, it has also become heavily integrated as a supported deposit and withdrawal method at numerous US-friendly online casinos.

Pros of Cash App Payments
  • Instant deposits and fast casino withdrawals
  • Fee-free casino transactions
  • Available at many online casinos catering to US players
  • Easy registration process for app users
Cons of Cash App Payments
  • Not available to international players using USD
  • Once initiated, Cash App transactions are irreversible
  • Unverified Cash App accounts have mandatory lower limits

To be able to make use of the service, players must install the Cash App on their Android and iOS devices. The next step is to link their account either to their bank card or bank account, making Cash App payments possible. The whole set-up process is extremely easy and secure, allowing online players to handle their casino transactions via Cash App in no time.

The great thing about Cash App online casino transactions is that they are extremely fast, with deposits being processed instantly, while withdrawals often allow players to enjoy their winnings the same day the casino has approved their cashout requests. Another great advantage of Cash App is having the opportunity to handle your casino transactions without paying any additional cost. Adding an extra layer of protection to your casino deposits and withdrawals is also a perk we would like to highlight, allowing you to manage your casino bankroll in a secure manner.

Bank Cards

Bank Cards One of the most traditional and widespread payment solutions you can resort to when playing online is a credit/debit card. If you are managing your casino payments in USD, chances are, you will be able to resort to a debit or credit card issued by some of the biggest card issuing companies. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover are often among the cards supported as both deposit and withdrawal methods at USD online casinos. Thanks to the deep integration of debit and credit cards as a global payment solution, the majority of US players will be able to handle their gaming accounts via their preferred credit/debit cards.

Pros of Bank Card Payments
  • Widely acceptable at USD Casinos
  • Bank cards allow instant casino deposits
  • Supported both as deposit and withdrawal options
  • Card deposits usually apply to all casino promotions
Cons of Bank Card Payments
  • Card withdrawals can take several days to clear
  • Using cards requires exposing financial details
  • Some casinos may impose fees on card payments

Deposits via bank cards are instant and often free of any charge. Conveniently enough, card payments also allow players to withdraw their winnings using the card they have deposited with. Unfortunately, this method might have players wait for a few days until they receive their money. Despite the longer waiting period, withdrawals via bank cards are convenient and very secure, with card issuers always relying on enterprise-class security measures to encrypt sensitive information and protect cardholders.

One thing that some players might not appreciate about the use of bank cards as an online casino payment solution is the requirement to share card details with the casino. To make sure that your card details will be properly stored, you should always make sure that you are playing at a proper USD online casino that has been licensed by reputable regulatory bodies.


Play+ If you are privileged enough to reside in a state that has legalized online casino gaming, you will notice that the majority of licensed operators will allow their members to use the Play+ service to handle their casino deposits and withdrawals. As the service is exclusively available in the USA, it is only natural that it strives to cater to the needs of users handling their payments in American dollars.

Pros of Play+ Payments
  • Supported as a payment solution at most US online casinos
  • Play+ account easily charged via convenient payment methods
  • Can be used for both deposits and withdrawals
  • Allows instant deposits and extremely quick withdrawals
  • Enables a secure way to handle your casino payments
Cons of Play+ Payments
  • Not available for USD payments outside the USA
  • Topping up your Play+ account may incur fees
  • Play+ customer help is not available 24/7

Creating your Play+ account is a simple process, including very few steps. What is more, you can choose from several convenient methods to fund your account and use the money for your next casino deposit. Once you are ready to top up your gaming balance, you will be able to deposit your money instantly, with no fee being charged on Play+ top-ups. You can also choose to withdraw your winnings to your Play+ account, which will allow you to receive your casino money in a very fast manner, with no fees applied to this type of casino transaction.

Play+ can be seen as a supported option at most online casinos licensed by the respective regulatory bodies in the US. As the service does not require providing any personal or banking details to the casino, Play+ casino payments are extremely secure. All factors we have mentioned in this section prove that Play+ is one of the most convenient payment solutions US players can utilize for their USD online casino transactions.


PayPal While international players might have access to a wide range of e-wallet solutions, when it comes to US-based players, the list can be significantly shorter. Nevertheless, one of the safest ways to handle your online casino transaction using USD as our preferred currency is utilizing a PayPal e-wallet account. It is no surprise that PayPal is supported as a payment solution only at online casinos licensed by reputable regulatory bodies. That is why, the e-wallet is listed as a supported deposit and withdrawal option only at US virtual casinos that have been authorized to operate by the authorities in each state that has legalized online casino gaming.

Pros of PayPal Payments
  • Solution supported only by reputable and licensed brands
  • Enables easy and instant casino deposits
  • Usually available for both deposits and withdrawals in USD
  • Adds extra layer of security to online casino payments
  • Provides dedicated app for easy payments on the go
Cons of PayPal Payments
  • Topping up PayPal balance via bank account transfer may take longer
  • May not be available to all players resorting to USD-based casino payments
  • PayPal is not supported by all online casinos operating in the USA

One thing is for certain, when you see PayPal on the Cashier page of an online casino, you can be sure that the brand is operating following strict rules and regulations, giving you some peace of mind while you play online. Handling your PayPal account is extremely easy, allowing casino players to manage both their USD deposits and withdrawals in a fast and secure way.


PayNearMe Adopted by multiple online casino brands operating in several states that have legalized online casino gambling, PayNearMe is a payment solution you can often utilize for your USD-based casino deposits. Supported by a number of participating retail shops, PayNearMe allows casino players to make instant deposits while remaining absolutely anonymous. That means their casino top-ups will be extra secure, making the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Pros of PayNearMe Payments
  • Allows players to stay anonymous while depositing
  • PayNearMe codes can be paid at a large number of participating retailers
  • One code can be used multiple times
  • Deposits via PayNearMe are instant
  • Players can charge their PayNearMe codes online
Cons of PayNearMe Payments
  • Getting to a retail shop to charge the code can be burdensome
  • PayNearMe deposits can have lower limits compared to other methods
  • Does not support online casino withdrawals

When you choose PayNearMe as your preferred online casino deposit method, a special code will be generated, allowing you to save it on your device or print it. You can then charge the code at any participating retail shop nearby and use cash or another popular payment method to complete the transaction. Once your code is scanned and you pay for it, the money will instantly appear in your casino account. There is also the option to pay for your PayNearMe code online, using methods like bank cards, Gpay, and Apple Pay.

PayNearMe codes are reusable, allowing you to make easy and extremely secure online casino deposits using the same code multiple times. The only drawback of the method is that it cannot be used for casino withdrawals, leaving players no choice but to use another USD-friendly payment solution.

Transaction Limits and Fees Related to USD Casino Payments

Transaction Limits and Fees Related to USD Casino Payments When you choose your online casino payment method, you should always consider factors like limits and fees that may apply to your transactions. If you have set up your gaming account in USD and you have picked a method that supports the currency, you can be sure that you will pay no currency conversion fees. Avoiding this type of surcharge can help you enjoy anything you have earned while you play online.

The aforementioned methods we have listed as most popular among players preferring USD payments will usually enable fee-free deposits. One thing we should mention is that charging Play+ accounts, for example, may impose some surcharges that will vary according to the method used for the deposits. However, methods like PayPal or bank cards may eliminate any fees related to topping up your gaming account.

When it comes to withdrawals, whether you will be charged a fee depends on the method you utilize and the casino’s policy. That said, in most cases, you can fully enjoy your winnings without having to pay any fee for the transaction. Meanwhile, if you decide to withdraw the money from your bank card, Play+ card, PayPal account, or any other method you used for the USD payments, you may be charged a fee that will depend on the respective financial institution’s policy.

When it comes to limits, we can say that these will also vary depending on the method and the casino’s policy. That said, we have compared several USD-friendly online casinos and the limits they have imposed on top methods that process USD payments. Typically, the minimum that players can deposit via any of the popular solutions that support USD payments is $10. As for the maximum that can be deposited via the methods we have discussed earlier, bank cards tend to offer the highest caps of around $10,000. Meanwhile, e-wallets and other payment solutions might have lower limits, allowing somewhere around $5,000 per single transaction

If you decide to use PayNearMe for your deposits, you should keep in mind that the service allows a maximum charge of up to $1,000 per single transaction and up to $2,500 per day. It is also possible that your allowed maximum deposit via PayNearMe can be significantly lower, with some casinos imposing a cap of $500 per transaction. If you prefer low-risk gaming, this should not be an issue but if you are a high-roller, you might consider resorting to another USD-supported payment solution.

As for withdrawals, the limits can range between $10 and $5,000 but these amounts can differ depending on the casino you have chosen to join. Whenever you are wondering about the maximum you can choose to withdraw, you can check the Withdrawal section of your casino account or you can contact the respective casino’s support team and ask for additional withdrawal information.

Tips to Follow When Choosing USD Online Casino

Tips to Follow Whenever you are on the lookout for a proper online casino that supports USD payments, there are a few factors you should consider, besides the obvious one. Depending on whether you are based within the USA or another country, you should check whether the casino’s operator has obtained a valid license from the respective authorities within your jurisdiction. This is crucial for US players as only a few states have currently legalized online casino gaming, meaning casinos should be licensed by the regulators of each state where they operate.

If you have verified the casino’s reputation, you can continue by checking the supported payment solutions. After all, if you want to enjoy smooth, fast, and budget-friendly USD payments, you need to make sure you can utilize your most preferred methods. To make your choice easier, we have provided a list of top USD online casino payment methods you can refer to whenever you are looking for a convenient way to handle your casino bankroll. Selecting an option that is available for both deposits and withdrawals is always the best option, making your entire casino payment experience easier.

Fees and limits should also be included in the things you should check when choosing an online casino supporting USD payments. The majority of reputable USD online casinos will not impose fees on deposits or withdrawals via the most popular payment solutions we have covered earlier. Having to pay no surcharges will allow you to enjoy every single amount you deposit and earn as you play your favorite casino games.

As you should always focus on picking the best casino option that offers the ultimate online gaming experience, you should also consider the promotions you can redeem. Make sure that your preferred USD payment solution qualifies for the promotions offered by the casino, allowing you to redeem some extra funds to boost your winning chances.

Last, but definitely not least, you should consider the games available to members of the casino. Once you have topped your USD casino account, you should be able to enjoy a plethora of genres, with games catering to your preferences. If you are not a fan of high-risk stakes, make sure the casino is offering enough options with lower betting limits. High-rollers should also check their options, with high-stakes games being the perfect selection of options for them.

USD Casinos FAQs

No. Plenty of virtual casinos catering to global players will allow them to pick USD as their preferred casino account currency. That said, if you are not based in the USA and you do not resort to any of the methods that specifically cater to players using USD, you should make sure that your chosen payment solution will allow you to make your casino payments in USD, allowing you to avoid any currency conversion fees.

While it is common for online casinos to request using the same payment method for your deposits and following withdrawals, if you have chosen a solution that does not support withdrawals, you can definitely resort to an alternative payment service, allowing you to handle your withdrawals with ease.

Yes. If your payment method of choice supports payments in USD and you have set up your online casino account in USD, you can easily handle your casino payments without having to pay transaction fees. Moreover, make sure you pick a method that will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals, without having to pay any surcharges to the casino.

If you are playing at an online casino licensed in any of the states that have legalized online casino gaming, chances are, your account balance will be automatically set up in USD. That said, some brands do offer players to pick a different currency for their casino balances but if you are resorting to a method that caters specifically to US citizens, you will most definitely pay a conversion fee on each transaction initiated in a currency different than USD.

It depends on your preferences. While bank cards are widely popular and easy to use, some players do not appreciate the fact that they must expose their card details when initiating casino payments. This makes e-wallets a more preferred option, allowing players to keep any sensitive option to themselves when making casino deposits and withdrawals. Services like PayNearMe will also allow you to stay completely anonymous when depositing to your casino account but the lower limits and the no-withdrawal support may make such options less favorable.