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Junket Operator Suncity Group Chooses to Take Up Macau Gambling Laws for Services across the World

The one-stop Macau travel and entertainment industry operator Suncity Group has explained that Macau law would be applied to all of its overseas operations. This is part of the company’s strategy which tries to prevent facing other accusations of operating offshore online casinos which target gamblers from Mainland China.

The official promise has been made by the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Alvin Chau. Mr. Chau confirmed that the legal regulations of Macau will be set as a standard for future operations of Suncity not only in the Special Administrative Regions of China (SAR) but abroad, too. The boss of the junket operator explained that Suncity would not adopt any products or services which are legally permitted in other countries or regions in case that the activities are forbidden under the existing regulation of Macau.

Suncity’s Chief Executive Officer also confirmed that his company has always been in line with the laws of Macau. Mr. Chau said that the junket operator and its related companies have not been associated with any services which violate the laws of the Macau SAR or the People’s Republic of China.

All of the statements above were made at a special press conference which took place over the weekend, have been made to respond to the accusations which the company has recently faced.

Media Reports Accused Suncity of Operating Offshore Online Casino Services

As CasinoGamesPro reported last week, a local media called Economic Information Daily had accused Suncity of operating offshore online casino services and of allowing its customers to take advantage of proxy betting services. Currently, both practices are illegal on the territory of Mainland China and Macau, though they are not necessarily banned in all foreign jurisdictions.

Mr. Chau revealed that the company does not intend to take any legal actions against the media, which is an affiliate of the Xinhua news agency. He, however, denied all allegations against the company, including the ones that Suncity had underreported its finances and that it had caused disturbance to the financial order of the country. The company’s boss also shared his regret for any inconveniences caused to the Government of Macau and the possible negative impact on the gamin concessionaires.

Last week, Suncity issued a strong denial of the accusations which emerged a few days earlier, saying that it had the legal permission to operate a junket business on the territory of Macau. The company, however, denied allegations of owning any gambling tables in the Special Administrative Region or operating any online gambling services.

At a meeting with representatives of the city’s six gaming companies and junket operators which took place on July 10th, Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) emphasized on the need to see these companies be in line with local and foreign gambling laws and the promotion of so-called games of chance. The Bureau also explained that any violation of the existing rules by a junket operator, even in case that the violations take place outside of Macau, could lead to implications for the suitability of the company to offer its services in the SAR.

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