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Tamir Segal Claims Largest Live Cash, WSOPE Bracelet in Colossus Event

King’s Casino in Rozvadov has its brand new WSOP Europe champion which managed to outplay all of his rivals on the way to the top. The first Bracelet event for this festival crowned none other than Tamir Segal for his ongoing efforts to make it far. The first lace prize coming with the Bracelet amounted to a total of €203,820.

Poker tournaments are among the most exciting congregations of major poker players from all four corners of the world providing them with the chance to battle for the great cash prizes and prove they are worthy of the throne. This Monday saw the official Final Table of the first event which had the potential to bring the best layer one of the coveted WSOPE Bracelets.

Known as the most desired piece of jewelry in the poker world, this Bracelet has a special meaning to every poker player proficient enough to claim it. Keeping this in mind, it comes as no surprise as Event #1 of the poker festival taking place in the picturesque town of Rozvadov was able to attract as many as 2,992 entries to the poker tables available on site.

First WSOPE Bracelet Finds Its New Owner

Due to the large interest towards this particular event which gave a kickstart of the poker festival, there were as many as eight starting flights bringing more and more of the proficient players to the felt. Players were willing to reach Day 2 of the event which sifted through the survivors, leaving only the most proficient among them. Once they were reduced to only ten, action came to a halt, giving them the chance to recuperate and return Monday.

Remaining 10 players featured Bulgarian poker player Krasimir Yankov on the fourth position with his chip stack of 8,625,000. In the meantime, the chip leader at this point is Wojciech Wyrebski with a chip count of 11,875,000. His impressive chip stack was able to guarantee him the runner-up position at the end of the day as he could not outplay the eventual winner.

He claimed the consolation prize of €125,966 which could serve him as a motivation to register in some of the upcoming WSOPE Events sprinkled throughout October. In the meantime, Yankov managed to climb all the way to the eight position, which granted him some €22,281. The eventual winner succeeded in increasing his chip stack throughout the day and climb from the fifth spot on the daily rank list all the way to the top.

Players Approach Second Bracelet

He commenced his trip with a chip stack of 8,625,000 and succeeded in increasing it to the point where he claimed his largest career prize, boosting his total live earning to $245,169. In the meantime, the second event which grants its champion a WSOPE Bracelet is set to see its Final Table today.

The NLH 6-Max Deep Stack Bracelet #2 features a buy-in of €1,650 and at this point of the tournament, there are only six players remaining from the overall player pool of 221. The chip leader among them is called Asi Moshe from Israel and with his chip count of 2,095,000 he has the biggest changes of claiming the throne and the cash prize of €82,280 coming with it.

This event saw prominent poker player Maria Lampropulos claim her cash prize as well. She is known as the first female player to win the PCA Main Event and bag some $1,081,100 back in January. This time she claimed €7,927 for her 8th position on the official rank list of the event. Next few hours would be critical for surviving players, as the second WSOPE Bracelet would meet its new owner.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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