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Hard Rock International, Seminole Tribe of Florida Go to War against Plastic Straws

Casino developers and operators around the globe are becoming more conscious about the environment and are willing to work towards introducing new measures with which they could optimize their own performance as well as benefit nature. Hard Rock International is one of the latest developers to join the wave and ditch plastic straws from its integrated resorts and family-friendly properties across the globe. In the meantime, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which has a joint operation with Hard Rock has also proclaimed against the straws.

They have been one of the hot topics among all industries and their damage seemed to be overlooked up to this point. Plastic straws appear to be the hidden damage we tend to ignore, but regardless, use almost every single day while outside or at a cafe. The constant flow of plastic around us could be significantly reduced with the help of this simple step, proving that casino developers strive to better the field and our future.

In the US gambling field as well as worldwide, Hard Rock would aim to completely eliminate the use of plastic straws from its hotels, cafes and casino venues currently in operation. There are 74 countries featuring locations bearing the brand Hard Rock, among which 185 cafes, 25 hotel towers, and 12 casino facilities. Being an influential brand, this is expected to prompt other businesses to make the vital move as well. The very beginning of September would see this initiative come into effect bringing potential considerable improvement to the field.

The company is also going to implement the use of paper delivery and to-go bags instead of polyethylene ones, further minimizing its footprint. Another developer, this time a tribal one also joins in the efforts. The Seminole Tribe of Florida issued a statement claiming that the six gambling facilities it oversees at the moment would all get rid of their plastic straws usage.

All Plastic Straws Banned from Casino Venues

Tampa and Hollywood feature a joint operation of the tribal operator and Hard Rock International, Seminole Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, meaning that both companies are on the same page when it comes to the greener future efforts. Dining offerings available in the venues managed by the tribal operator are already using eco-friendly materials for the containers they utilize for delivery.

Since the locations enjoy quite the attention coming from gaming patrons and players from around the globe, this comes as a logical step and is expected to have a lasting impact on both the gambling operation and the environment. MGM Resorts was one of the first operators to no longer provide its customers with plastic straws, considered one of the most underrated threats to global environmental equilibrium.

Along with 18 other casino developers in operation across the US, MGM Resorts it put an end to the use of the said plastic stir and drinking straws at its venues. The month of May was when the approach was first tested in the bar and restaurant venues overseen by MGM. Since they have operation across the states, major casino developers are willing to make a change.

They have the potential to have an impact even though plastic straws are often overlooked and perceived as a minor but always present part of the gaming and dining experience worldwide. In the upcoming months more and more casino developers are expected to join in the green movement and make a change across the states.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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