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How Long Until Major Casino Brands Are Ready to Go All Green in Their Operation?

Casino operators are on an ongoing pursuit of optimizing their operation and seeking ways in which they could facilitate every process taking place at a given casino resort’s site. One of the ways they could potentially reduce the breathtaking expenses around powering their big venues is through the implementation of innovative approaches and a more environmental-friendly outlook on the operation.

Such is the case with several major casino developers to the liking of MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts, which are already working towards achieving a brighter future accompanied with a greener perspective on life. Caesars Entertainment was also among the casino developers and operators to begin consideration of a greener development. Like many larger businesses which have a considerable impact on the environment in one way or another, casino operators are constantly looking for ways in which they could make their operation greener.

One such approach is the implementation of solar power throughout bigger operation venues which witness considerable traffic rates demanding constant excellent lighting conditions. Casino venues are notorious for their electricity usage rates which have been concerning for both the industry and the casino developers overseeing their development. Wynn Resorts recently announced that from here on out it is set to bring solar power to its casino resorts located in Las Vegas.

The introduction of its new solar facility for powering its Las Vegas locations, as well as the appointment of its new Chief Sustainability Officer Erik Hansen are only two of the steps taken by the gambling operator in order to reach a new level of sustainability. The two gaming locations Wynn Las Vegas and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas will operate in a more eco-friendly way from now on which is expected to considerably reduce the expenses for the gaming developer in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Approach towards Operation Brings Benefits

It is spread across a total of 160 acres just outside Fallon and it is expected to be sufficient for the powering of the two facilities working on the Strip. The location is situated about 375 miles from the two casino resorts at a spot which has the potential to provide them with an unlimited source of electricity and reliable energy for operation. In addition to that, there are also some 103,000 square feet of solar panels which were installed onto the roof of one of the casino resorts.

MGM Resorts is the other gambling operator which would soon be powering its 13 Las Vegas properties with the help of solar power. Thanks to the partnership which has been formed between the casino developer and the Chicago-based Invenergy the project is going to be fully realized by the end of 2020 which would bring the power of a total of 100 megawatts to the casino venues in operation. This project is going to bring some 336,000 solar panels generating renewable energy.

This week brought the official announcement that the casino developer is no longer going to provide its customers with plastic straws which are considered one of the most underrated threats to global environmental equilibrium. Along with 18 other casino developers in operation across the US, MGM Resorts is going to put an end to the use of the said plastic stir and drinking straws at its venues. They are single-use ones and the month of May was when the approach was first tested in the bar and restaurant venues overseen by MGM.

The change was received with a warm response and this encouraged the casino developer to progress towards its ultimate objective. However, the efforts are not limited to solar power and only, since Caesars Entertainment is now working on its carbon footprint reduction by bringing more efficient lighting solutions to the venues in operation. In addition to that, it is also going to better the heating system, ventilation, as well as air conditioning throughout the facility.

The results of this project for improving the overall condition of its facilities is expected to be seen over the span of the following months. According to the data released at the end of 2017, Caesars has managed to reduce if CO2 levels by 23 percent when compared to the rates generated back in 2011. This is a significant drop, but there is still a long way to go until it reaches the target of 95 percent. Estimations state that this could happen by 2050 if progress rates remain the same, which is a motivating prospective for other developers as well.

 Author: Harrison Young

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