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Second Pennsylvania Mini-Casino Enters Beaver County 2019 Managed by Mount Airy Casino

The state of Pennsylvania is well on its way to finally witness actual results when it comes to its gambling expansion which has been confirmed by the latest news regarding a new mini-casino set to be built in Beaver County. One of the highly discussed ventures of the management of Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Pocono Mountains would be the satellite casino venue which is projected to launch operation towards the end of 2019.

This Monday brought the news that the casino developer and operator has finally chosen a site for its satellite casino venue construction which is set to commence in the upcoming months. In order to be finished in time for the proposed date construction work would have to keep up the pace. The location of the facility has been chosen in a manner that would capture the flow of customers only 45 minutes away from Pittsburgh and its booming market without the need to disrupt already existing operations in the radius.

Official groundbreaking of the project is set to take place by the end of this year. Interstate 376 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike would provide an incessant flow of casino patrons to the new mini-casino venue which would be situated on a specifically dedicated 100-acre land lot. Beaver County is expected to benefit significantly from the new gambling venue which is set to bring more tourists to the region, to attract people passing by, and introduce them to its wide range of offerings.

The neighboring counties to the liking of Allegheny and Lawrence Counties are also expected to see local players making their way to the new casino venue. What should also be taken into account is that Beaver County is situated on the state border with Ohio, meaning that the neighboring state could also make a good use of the gaming offerings available at the new satellite casino venue overseen my Mount Airy’s management.

Mount Airy Casino Developer Chooses Location

The employment market would also be boosted, as the new venue would need a well-trained staff in order to live up to the high expectations of the community. Some 300 temporary positions would be open during the construction process of the new venue, whereas 400 workers would be needed for the permanent positions opening.

It could be recalled that the initial plan for action was for the casino developer to build a mini-casino venue in the neighboring Lawrence County. Lawrence County Commissioner Dan Vogler expressed his position that the community will benefit a lot from the new location, but the ultimate decision was Beaver County. Thanks to its winning bid of $21.2 million and a pinpointed location near New Castle, Mount Airy Casino Resort made its intentions to develop more than clear.

However, the community had to patiently wait for the official decision to be announced, as the six-month period given to every casino operator was approaching its last days. Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was supposed to receive the final application with more information listed in it by 12th August. The casino developer felt unsure whether it could provide an answer in time and it requested a deadline extension until 12th October.

Its proposal was granted a permission, but as it turned out it was not really needed. For the time being no additional information regarding the casino operation have been issued, but it was confirmed that the facility would most probably resemble the ones currently overseen by the casino developer in Pocono. It would feature as many as 30 table games and some 750 slot devices available, but for the time being no renderings of the venue have been provided.

This is the second announced location for the construction of a mini-casino venue, as the first one came towards the end of July. Stadium Casino was the developer and operator which picked Westmoreland County for the construction of a mini-casino venue which would provide as many as 600 people with new job positions.

 Author: Harrison Young

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