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Bloomberry Subsidiary Grants Loyal Customers Additional 1.5 Million Shares

Bloomberry Resort Corp. is one of the casino developers and operators which puts continuous efforts in making players’ experience something to remember and it values the time they spend with its gaming offerings. This week brought the news that a subsidiary company of the casino operator purchased as many as 1.5 million shares which will be subsequently be used for the new special offering at Solaire Resort and Casino which is going to grant loyal players with a fair share.

The casino developer and operator is a well known Philippines-listed business which oversees the management of leading casino location such as the Solaire Resort based in Manila. The renown casino resort located in the Philippines has always enjoyed the attention of many casino patrons from around the world and in return, the casino developer has made sure all rewards live up to the expectations of the players.

Offering them the chance to deserve a spot among the stockholders of the company could be defined as a tempting way to reward the loyal customers through the years. Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels, Inc. is the subsidiary which received the right to purchase and further distribute the said shares of its parent company Bloomberry Resorts.

They were acquired via the stock market and at market price, as it was revealed in a filing to the Philippine Stock Exchange. With the help of this move, the casino subsidiary is going to make it easier for casino patrons that have been participating in gaming offerings at the Solaire Casino Resort to be rewarded for their loyalty.

Loyal Players Receive Fair Share of Bloomberry

According to the information listed, the casino subsidiary bought as many as 300,000 shares with prices from PHP11.12 per share to PHP11.18 per share. The total amount of money spent on the said stocks which are to be given away reaches more than PHP3.34 million (US$63,183) up to this point.

This is happening within the range of its marketing programme and as the next step of its plan which saw its official beginning at the start of this year. It could be recalled that January witnessed the company purchasing the first batch of the negotiated amount of shares. This decision was estimated to some PHP4.24 million (US$82,993) which was also the first phase of the shares purchase which was set to amount to some 2 million shares in total.

As for this second phase of the purchase process, it took place over the span of three days. In the meantime, the casino developer is currently preparing for the budding Japanese gambling field which has the potential to provide the operator with a chance for development is Bloomberry manages to claim a license for casino operation.

In its strive to provide players worldwide with more gaming options and set foot in the future gambling field of a new market such as Japan, the casino developer recently expressed its desire to place a bid for a casino license and become the next casino developer in the region.

Recently the president of Bloomberry’s Japan unit, Takeshi Hojo made it clear that the casino developer was one of the seven casino operators which had a recent meeting with the Governor of Wakayama Yoshinobu Nisaka in relation to the future auction for casino licenses.

 Author: Harrison Young

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