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Bloomberry Considers Bidding for Wakayama Prefecture Casino Resort

This is a very pivotal moment of the Japanese gambling history as casino operators are considering ways in which they could make their way into the future field and doing their best to reserve their spot as the operator of the first integrated resorts in the country once gambling has officially launched. Bloomberry Resort Corp. is one of the developers willing to place a bid for the construction of a casino resort located in Wakayama.

The casino developer and operator is a well known Philippines-listed business which oversees the management of leading casino location such as the Solaire Resort based in Manila. In its strive to provide players worldwide with more gaming options and set foot in the future gambling field of a new market such as Japan, the casino developer recently expressed its desire to place a bid for a casino license and become the next developer in the region.

Ever since the early autumn of 2017, the Diet has been working on the idea that Japan should have its own gambling field which to have the potential to attract players from around the world and provide them with offerings living up to their expectations. Due to the proximity of some of the most renown gambling hubs to the likings of Macau and Singapore, this move might prove to be a substantial step in the right direction, since it is expected to bring a steady flow of gaming revenue and tourists willing to give their luck a try at a new gambling location.

Forecasst for Future Development

This is one of the leading reasons why the government is looking forward to the official legalization of gambling within the borders of the country. Wakayama is one of the Japanese prefectures located in the Kansai region, on Honshū island’s Kii Peninsula which has the potential to witness the construction of a brand new casino resort in the foreseeable future.

According to the estimations and with the pace that conversations are going no so far the year 2023 could see Japan’s first casino resort launch. In a recent statement regarding the future operation of the casino developer the president of Bloomberry’s Japan unit, Takeshi Hojo made it clear that the casino developer was one of the seven casino operators which had a recent meeting with the Governor of Wakayama Yoshinobu Nisaka in relation to the future auction for casino licenses.

The company has been looking forward to this moment for quite some time now, ever since it opened its office in Tokyo back in 2014. Bloomberry does not seem reluctant to claim its spot in the Japanese market. Even though there would be many international casino operators placing their bids once the auction is open, this does not discourage Bloomberry from participating in it.

The Governor is also interested in increasing the efforts towards claiming an integrated resort for the prefecture, which is not the first choice. As it is known the current favorite of many people interested in the field is Yumeshima which gained the lead in the recent months as a preferred location for the first integrated resort.

 Author: Harrison Young

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