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Delaware Generates $322,135 over First 24 Hours of Legal Sports Betting

The state of Delaware went down in history yesterday with its groundbreaking legalization of sports betting only a couple of weeks after the US Supreme Court voted for the scrapping of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. Over the span of its first day of legal operation, the sports betting field managed to generate some $322,135 in legally placed bets on sports events.

This Tuesday saw the official start of sports betting activities in a lawful manner coming as a result of the recent ruling of the SCOTUS which gave each state the permission to legalize sports wagering. This freedom applies to each and every state and the local authorities have the chance to decide whether or not to participate in the booming sports betting field. In record time the state became the first one apart from Nevada to completely remove the ban on sports wagering and offer it to its residents and guests.

Football, basketball, baseball, as well as other sports, will be considered a part of the sports betting industry from now on. Over the span of the following five years as many as 32 states are expected to make their way into the new sector and offer sports betting to their residents and guests. Even though every state makes the decision for itself, the spirit of competitiveness could be witnessed among Delaware and New Jersey since the latter is well-known for its support for sports wagering.

State Pioneering Sports Betting Following SCOTUS Ruling

The gambling hub on the east coast is going to have its proposed sports betting law heading for the final legislative approval which is expected to bring the official launch date one step closer. However, for the time being, the only date discussed is 7th June, when the voting will take place, leaving the official date of New Jersey sports betting legalization unknown.

As for Delaware, betting enthusiasts were quick to make their way to the authorized betting locations across the state and put their knowledge to the test by placing their bets. Vernon Kirk is the Director of the Lottery in Delaware and he stated that the three casino venues in operation in the state managed to witness sports betting with impressive amount of interest only over the span of its first day of offering the gaming activity.

Wagering in the state provides players with the chance to place their bets on the entire scale of sports available and there are no limits. Governor John Carney was one of the first players to give the new offering a try and he bet on the baseball team Philadelphia Phillies which had a game.

He placed some $10 on them and the Phillies succeeded in beating the Chicago Cubs 6-1 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois which meant that Gov. Carney had made a winning bet. The summer season already in full swing is expected to bring even more people ready to wager in a legal manner which would make Delaware one of the desired locations since players would not have to travel all the way to Nevada or seek online betting options.

 Author: Harrison Young

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