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PGA Joins Professional Player Leagues Supporting US Sports Betting Legalization

The PGA Tour joined the range of professional player associations that call for nation-wide legalization of sports betting operations.

Earlier this month, Jay Monahan who is the PGA Tour commissioner made his first public commentary on the matter, saying that sports betting should be legalized and regulated in order for competent authorities to stop local customers’ exposure to foreign betting websites and various black markets. According to him, a legalized US sports betting market would make sure that customers get adequate and more enhanced protection against gambling-related harm which does not exists for the time being.

In addition, Mr. Monahan explained that such a step would provide chance for development for the US domestic gambling market, not to mention the fact that adding sports betting to the existing list of allowed types of gambling would help providers reach more players.

The PGA Tour is not the first professional player league which seeks a chunk from the possible expansion of the sports betting sector in the US. The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Major League Baseball (MLB) have been among the most aggressive campaigners who have called for a legalized and regulated US sports betting market. A few days ago, a number of professional US player associations, including the NBPA, MLBPA, NFLPA and NHLPA, have backed the possible expansion of the US sports betting market and have asked for a so-called “integrity fee” to be implemented.

The suggested amount integrity fee ranged from 1% to 0.25% and is professional player leagues have claimed that it would help them compensate for the costs of keeping the integrity of their games.

US Supreme Court Set to Unveil Its Decision on the Case

For the time being, over 20 US states have rolled out pieces of sports betting legislation, waiting for the US Supreme Court to finally announce its ruling on the New Jersey sports betting case. Following the trend of increased interest towards sports betting in the country, some professional player associations joined efforts to lobby for the implementation of an integrity fee, with the PGA becoming the latest addition to that list.

For the time being, the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL are still constituted as plaintiffs in the New Jersey sports betting case, which was heard by the US Supreme Court at the end of 2017. The PGA has not been involved in the above-mentioned case, which could end up with the expansion of the local gambling market with sports betting options.

Previously, the NBA has recognized the importance of sports betting legalization in the country and said that steps should be taken in order for sports betting options to be legally rolled out thanks to a thorough and adequate legislative and regulatory frame.

As mentioned above, the US Supreme Court is expected to issue its final ruling on the New Jersey sports betting case involving a number of professional sports leagues and the then-NJ Governor Chris Christie. In case that the Supreme Court rules in favor of the state, its decision could lead to elimination of the nation-wide ban on sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA).

 Author: Harrison Young

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