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Steve Wynn’s Second Alleged Sexual Misconduct Settlement with Employee Emerges

The information regarding Wynn Resorts and the latest happenings around it never cease to surface and what caused quite a stir recently is the announcement that the former Chief Executive Officer of the company, Steve Wynn, managed to settle an agreement with a second woman that filed a sexual misconduct accusation back in 2006. This arrangement took place about 10 years ago, but only now it has entered the public eye after she tried to tell her story.

The casino mogul is one of the highly discussed topics for the last two months and this is not without a good reason. As it could be recalled at the end of January the tycoon became part of one of the biggest scandals in the gambling industry. Following the surfacing of allegations of sexual misconduct which were publicly announced by Macau’s gambling regulator, a wave of investigations into the business of Mr. Wynn took the field by a storm. This is what caused him to file his resignation and step down from his leading role in the company he founded.

Shortly after the revelations Mr. Wynn decided to resign as the Finance Chairman at the US Republican National Committee but remained at his position that the allegations are false, claiming that this is a smear campaign related to his divorce proceedings. Over the span of the scandalous discoveries, several women of the casino staff claimed the gambling billionaire assaulted them while they were at their workplace. The first legal settlement which was then revealed amounted to $7.5 million and it involved a manicurist which used to be employed by Wynn Resorts.

Second Settlement Information

According to the most recent information, there was also a second settlement which was arranged more than a decade ago with another female. For the time being, no additional information has been revealed regarding the woman, but what is known is that Wynn and one of his attorneys have accused her of attempting to extort him during a meeting with FBI agents. The settlement took place in 2006 and now this woman has threatened to publicly reveal the details surrounding it. This is what prompted the meeting with the agents.

In the meantime, Lisa Bloom, attorney of the woman, stated that her client decided to decline all extortion allegation, as her only aim was to speak up and add her story to the Steve Wynn topic. She had not sought any financial benefits from the situation. What caused the stir is the fact that her settlement includes a non-disclosure agreement which prevents her from revealing more details about the alleged misconduct occurrence.

It could be recalled that Mr. Wynn recently received a permission to sell his shares in the company, but for the time being there has not been a buyout of the said slice of Wynn Resorts. Among the potential purchasers of the shares sold by the former Chief Executive Officer are four of the current Macau operators or their parent organizations, as well as Malaysia’s Genting Bhd, interested in developing globally. Casino operator Caesars Entertainment Corp, is also one of the potential entities which might purchase the shares since it missed out on the first phase of Macau gaming liberalization and this could be a good moment to enter the field.

 Author: Harrison Young

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