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Crown Casino Looks Out on Gaming License Suspension over Devices Tampering

This week brought quite the whirlpool of events around one of the leading casino operators in Australia, Crown Casino in relation to its gaming devices. According to the information which was issued, the management of the casino has opted for removing several gambling options from the machines, thus limiting the gaming choices of players. The gaming regulator came out with its official stance regarding the case.

The potential cost of this decision is the suspension of the gaming license issued by the authorities in Victoria. The said poker machines have been tampered with in order to secure larger profits for the developer. A total of 17 out of 2,628 gaming devices have had some of their gaming buttons removed and according to the allegations which were issued during the investigation process, the removal operation was performed by technicians with the knowledge of the management.

Back in 2017 independent MP Andrew Wilkie brought the evidence to light, provided by three whistle-blowers and the Federal Parliament was notified of the alleged wrongdoing. Among the other allegations revolving around the controversial case were also accusations that the casino operator was enabling illicit behavior and practices to take place on the premises of the casino venue, to the likings of domestic violence, illegal drug use, as well as disregarding anti-money laundering regulations.

The said tampering with the poker devices in operation at the casino venue resulted in the boost of losses registered at the casino location. Following the in-depth investigation of the reports and allegations, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation came out with its final decision which was to give green light to disciplinary proceedings against the casino developer. These actions have the potential to result in the license suspension which will prevent the casino developer from further operation in the foreseeable future.

What Took Place in the Gaming Venue?

With the help of the “blanking” of some of the buttons, these 17 poker machines had on offer only certain betting options on offer, while the low-betting ones remained blocked. If the rest of the allegations prove to be in fact true, this could mean that the casino license of the location would be canceled, suspended, or there will be a variation applied to it. There is also the possibility of a fine or letter of censure being imposed on the gaming developer.

In the meantime, while the information regarding the casino developer was being gathered with the help of whistle-blowers, the management of Crown stated that the said poker machines had their buttons removed for a trial which included altering the operation of the said devices. This trial was supposed to continue over the span of three weeks and there was no need for prior approval from the authorities. According to the management of the casino venue, it was supposed to take place between Mach and April 2017 and there was no actual breach of the existing gambling act which oversees the casino industry.

In response to the official statement go the gamin regulator, Mr. Wilkie stated that video evidence and former employees words have prompted the investigation process and the truth will eventually be revealed once the inquiries of the authorities come to an end.

 Author: Harrison Young

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