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Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino Resort to Welcome Minority Members in Staff

Atlantic City is the gambling hub located on the East side of the United States and providing an alternative to Las Vegas it has a lot to offer to its customers. In the process of its current development and revival, it has given Hard Rock International the opportunity to completely refurbish the shuttered Trump Taj Mahal and give it a second life, thus bringing back the workforce, by focusing on black residents and their recruitment as a part of the team. Another step of reviving the location in the typical for Hard Rock manner will be the introduction of more major music events to the area.

One of the commitments of the new Hard Rock Casino location which is set to be opened sometime this summer is to bring more black residents to its staff and providing them with a permanent job once the new gambling location is completed and ready to welcome its first customers. Members of the minority are encouraged to take part of the hiring process which is currently in progress. Gone are the days where thousands of people had to bid farewell to their job position due to the harsh financial circumstances, as the last days of January saw the official start of the job interviews for future employees.

Among the people who are going to be hired in the job fairs which will continue until there are people appointed to every job position, there will also be former employees of the shuttered Trump Taj Mahal venue. As many as 1,400 of the contacted people have expressed their desire to participate in the scheduled job fairs. As for the local members of the minority, the management of the renovated casino location stated that the main goal is not only to hire them and give them the chance of developing in this area but also to provide brighter future for their children.

According to the official announcement of the gambling developer, the kids of the black residents are going to be trained for becoming part of the casino industry and taking up careers in the field in the foreseeable future. As an added benefit to the locals, there will be free or discounted tickets for future music events in Atlantic City. For the people who are set to graduate from drug-offense court diversion and treatment program, the casino management will offer a chance for joining the staff of the new casino resort and becoming part of the big family of Hard Rock.

Further Improvement of the Gambling Resort

The new casino resort which is heavily music-themed will also make sure that the residents have provided entertainment and there will be a total of 200 event nights during its first twelve months of operation, featuring live performances in the renovated concert hall.

The former Trump Taj Mahal had a venue which was able to welcome up to 5,200 people at once, but following the renovation, it will have the capacity to hold up to 7,000 music enthusiasts. Everything happening is part of the social program of the new facility, which is aiming to become an active member of the community and bring benefits to it.

One of the ways in which this is going to happen is through the specially appointed community meetings which will be held once every three months, as to assure the locals have the chance to express their thoughts and recommendations regarding the operation of Hard Rock Casino Resort. This is being done in order to put an end to the outdated practice of casino dissociating from the community and not being an active participant in its improvement.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.