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Six More Pennsylvania Municipalities Join Remaining Mini Casino Auctions

The state of Pennsylvania continues with its quest for finding new locations for mini-casinos construction and there is a new auction held every two weeks. As it became known this Monday, there are six municipalities located in Franklin County which have expressed their interest in welcoming a new mini-casino venue on their premises and they have the potential to become one of the next hosts of a casino facility. Joining the auctions, they will participate in the third one which is scheduled to take place soon.

The said six municipalities in Frankin County are Chambersburg, Orrstown and the townships of Greene, Washington, St. Thomas, and Lurgan. Their authorities will strive to attract a gambling operator to develop the third casino facility within their borders, as this investment has the potential to bring new revenue to the region and to improve the well-being of the community. The location of both Chambersburg and Greene Township is suitable for the successful operation of a casino venue, as I-81 is in the proximity and a large number of traveler and tourists using the road could be attracted by the new mini-casino.

First Two Mini-Casinos Information

As it could be recalled, there are going to be a total of ten auctions scheduled for finding spots for ten mini-casino facilities. Since the beginning of this year, up to this point, there have been two such auctions held and they appointed the first couple of places. The first one took place on 10th January when Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association LLC managed to file in the largest bid among all participants which amounted to some $50.1 million. The developer then proceeded to propose the York area as compatible with the qualifications for a new gambling venue.

Following its approval, the operator which oversees Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course near Grantville will have to find a land within 15 miles of Yoe, York County which to host the mini-casino location. Exactly two weeks after that, on 24th January the second bid was held and this time the winner was Stadium Casino LLC. The developer proposed $40.1 million for the construction and according to the rules, it will have to pick a location within a 15-mile radius of Derry Township, Westmoreland County.

In order to finalize the auction, each winning municipality has as many as six months to find a suitable location for the new satellite venue which should not interfere with the operation of already existing gambling facilities. At the moment there are ten bigger gambling venues in operation and their customers should not feel tempted to visit one of the new mini-casinos because it is located in the vicinity. As the name gives out, they will feature 300 to 750 slot machines, as well as up to 30 table games.

 Author: Harrison Young

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