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Online Casino ZeroEdge Presents ZeroCoin Gambling Cryptocurrency

Nowadays cryptocurrencies seem to become more and more popular and everyone is following closely their development. So the very logical next step of their development was for them to enter the online gambling field and become more implemented in the activities which online gaming enthusiasts conduct in the virtual space.

ZeroEdge is one of the online casino entities which has recently introduced their initial coin offering which has the final objective to introduce a brand new cryptocurrency called ZeroCoin which is going to accommodate the needs of online players.

Some experts in the field claim that all kinds of virtual currencies in their essence are a form of gambling, or at least bear some resemblance to it because in their essence they have the element of chance. People interested in investing in digital currencies of all kinds place their real-life money into the rather abstract idea of a virtual currency and this comes with a risk. As the recent months have shown, there is also the possibility that the price of a given cryptocurrency might fluctuate in an unpredictable manner and cause he said, person, to lose part of their savings invested in it.

The gambling nature of cryptocurrencies is a topic of large discussion, but the overall attitude towards them does not change the fact that digital currencies are making their way in the gambling industry with full force. The new ZeroCoin is going to utilize the blockchain system of Ethereum and thus provide its users with the secure and anonymous decentralized platform. The new offering provided by the decentralized online casino comes with several additional benefits which aim to improve the overall experience of the players.

More Details About the New Virtual Currency

According to the information given by ZeroEdge, all participants will receive 0 percent house edge casino games, as well as the opportunity to place their bets on sports events without having to pay any additional fees. The 0 percent factor ensures that all players are able to experience truly equal odds of winning when they play against the house.

The provider also has on offer an open source platform which gives people interested the opportunity to create online games with the help of the ZeroCoin token. The more people are interested in participating and utilizing the new virtual currency token, the more its price value is supposed to grow, as the demand for it rises.

This tendency is not something new, as there are so many poker web pages which implement their own digital tokens as means of payment, as well as the universal Bitcoin. One of them is Virtue Poker which is expected to launch in the summer of 2018 and the prospect already excites players around the world. It is going to be an Ethereum-based online poker location ready to welcome everyone willing to give their luck a try on the felt. Digital currency is going to be the only method of withdrawal and deposit.

In order to guarantee that the process is as secure as possible, the developers of the idea have implemented advanced technology which implements the much-needed independence. Virtue Poker employs a program called Mental Poker which is a peer-to-peer card shuffling protocol. All players seated at the table contribute to the card shuffling, so company employees don’t have the capability to see players’ cards.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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