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Coast Casinos Report 8-Percent Surge in November Gross Gaming Revenue

The casino industry in South Mississippi has seen a surge in its reported revenue rates for the month of November. According to the information which was issued by the gambling operators themselves, the Coast casino facilities located in the region have posted an increase in their gross casino revenue amounting to 8 percent. This news comes as a relief to thousands of people involved in the business of the said locations since the month of October saw rather unfortunate rates of revenue which could not live up to the expectations of the industry.

As it could be recalled October saw a 5-percent drop in the gross casino revenue in the area, and the main reason for this negative situation was the Hurricane Harvey which affected the industry. The said casino venues had to close for business during a weekend which is otherwise known as a very profitable one, thus losing a large chunk of their potential revenue. Back then the Mississippi Department of Revenue stated that there has been a 5.4 percent drop which means that they have amassed revenue from players amounting to $94 million only. In comparison to October 2016, when the casino revenue amounted to $96 million, this was quite the drop.

However, in November things got back on track and moving in the right direction, since an 8 percent surge is considered a feat in the area. This ultimately results in the overall increase of the combined Coast casino revenue to within $2.9 million compared to last year’s total over the same time. As reported by the authorities all twelve casinos made for $95.1 million in gross casino revenue in the month of November. This equals an 8-percent jump in comparison to the $87.9 million which November 2016 saw.

Predictions for 2018

The main reason why people are more interested in visiting the properties in the area is the fact that many casino operators have given a new look to their properties which inevitably provides for a bigger interest in the venues and a bigger revenue. There is also the factor that the sector in the Mississippi area sees a lot of competition at the moment and the forecast for the foreseeable future is that the revenue will grow even higher. With the approach of the holidays, customers are willing to give their luck a try and spend more, which provides for a strong end of the year.

There are also the tourists which reside in the hotels adjacent to the casino venues, who also participate in such activities. In the meantime, the Mississippi’s river casinos saw a 2-percent decrease in revenue in comparison to November 2016. Last month saw only $65.8 million, compared to $67 million only twelve months ago. Something all gambling enthusiasts are currently looking forward to is the decision of the US Supreme Court which is expected to have its saying regarding the sports betting situation in the country. The revenue is guaranteed to be affected by people willing to bet on their favorite teams.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.