Powerways Slots

Most casino fans are enamored with slots because these games are fun and straightforward. Reel spinners do not need to have some special skills or learn some complicated rules to play slots. They only have to place a bet, set the reels in motion, and keep their fingers crossed that identical symbols will land on a payline.

This game genre appeals to the tastes of many casino fans because every slot features a unique theme. However, the playing process remains the same regardless of the slot you decide to test your luck on. After spending some time playing slots, you might grow bored and leave the casino determined to find another entertainment to spend your money on.

But the truth is that casinos want to keep you engaged in betting action for as long as possible. And it is not a secret that slots are among the games with the worst odds, which only means more profit for the house.

To keep players on the edge of their seats, game developers have incorporated various exciting bonus features. What is more, software companies have perfected the quality of the graphics to provide slot fans with a more immersive gambling experience. They have gone the extra mile to ensure complete user satisfaction, optimizing their games for mobile use.

Several years ago, the software company Big Time Gaming introduced an innovative Megaways random reel modifier mechanic that instantly became a hit among slot fans. Now, it is time for the software developer Pragmatic Play to make the headlines. A month ago, the company introduced a new slot that is based on an innovative Powerways mechanic.

How Does Powerways Work?

casino payouts At the moment, there is only one slot that runs on the Powerways mechanic. Judging from it, we can say that it utilizes a 4×4 grid that is surrounded by 2 horizontal and 2 vertical reels, forming a 4-6-6-6-6-4 layout. The outer reels spin separately from the symbols on the inner grid in an anti-clockwise direction.

What is unique for the Powerways mechanic is that winning combos can be formed left to right, right to left, top to bottom, and bottom to top. An important condition to create a winning combo is that one of the winning symbols should appear on an outer reel. In other words, slot fans have to land 4 or more identical symbols, starting from any of the reels surrounding the inner 4×4 grid.

At first glance, even the most experienced slot fan can be confused by the Powerways mechanic. However, things are not so complicated. After all, slots are preferred games due to their straightforwardness, and software companies are aware of this. In a nutshell, the Powerways engine provides players with more ways to win as winning combos can be created in four different directions.

Yum Yum Powerways Slot

casino payouts Yum Yum Powerways is an exciting food-themed slot that was released in September this year. It is the first game that is based on the Powerways mechanic. The brain behind this innovative slot is the software provider Pragmatic Play. Hence, it is not surprising that the graphics are of superb quality, and the animations are smooth. The cartoonish design of the game adds extra character to it.

In the background, players can see the image of a pristine beach. A pink food truck that offers tasty food accommodates the grid. The fine-drawn symbols adorning the reels nicely complement the overall theme of the slot. The salsa music playing in the background further contributes to the overall experience of the game.

Even though the food theme has been addressed on multiple occasions, Yum Yum Powerways is an attention-grabber thanks to the bright colors it features. The game is played on a grid that consists of 6 reels, where reels 1 and 6 have 4 symbols and reels 2 to 5 have 6 symbols. And as mentioned above, the Powerways mechanic allows players to form winning combinations in all four directions.

NameYum Yum Powerways
ProviderPragmatic Play
Paylines16,384 ways to win
Min/Max Bet0.20 – 100
Max Win5,000x the bet
Bonus FeaturesPowerways Mechanic, Free Spins, Symbol Replacement, Gamble Feature, Win Multiplier, Free Spins Buy Feature

Yum Yum Powerways features an RTP of 96.43%, which is slightly above average. What is more, the slot sits at the high end of the volatility scale. This means that wins are less frequent, but higher compared to low-volatility slots. Thanks to the Powerways mechanic it utilizes, this hot-off-the-press slot offers 16,384 ways to win. Yum Yum Powerways is the perfect game for slot enthusiasts who are not after substantial wins and would like to test something fresh.


casino payouts The nicely designed symbols treat not only the eyes but also the bankroll. Players have to land 4 to 6 identical symbols on the reels to win a cash prize. The payout associated with the different symbols depends on the size of your bet. The payouts you will find in the lines below are for a $1 bet.

The highest-paying symbol is the hamburger. It comes with a payout of 1.50x the bet for 6-of-a-kind. If you land 6 symbols depicting a pizza slice, you will collect a payout of 0.90x the bet. The pasta symbol features a maximum payout of 0.60x the stake. The drumsticks and the taco symbols offer a maximum payout of 0.50x and 0.40x the bet, respectively.

Each of the symbols depicting French Fries, a cheesecake, and a chocolate cake features a maximum payout of 0.25x the bet for 6-of-a-kind. The lowest-paying symbols are the cream doughnut, the chocolate doughnut, and the avocado dip, each offering a maximum payout of 0.20x the stake.

Yum Yum Powerways slot does not lack special symbols, either. A meal platter performs the role of a wild symbol in the game. It substitutes for all symbols except for the scatter. The chef acts as a scatter symbol, triggering the free spins bonus feature. Both symbols can appear on all reels.

Bonus Features

casino payouts The Yum Yum Powerways slot comes with a symbol replacement feature. Even though it closely resembles the cascading wins feature, there are some notable differences between them. When playing the Yum Yum Powerways slot, you will notice that fortunate symbols are flipped to make space for new ones.

The feature activates every time you hit a winning combo and comes with a win multiplier that increases by 1. It is crucial to note that the game developers did not impose a limit on the win multiplier, meaning that the more wins you hit in a row, the higher the win multiplier will grow. The feature continues as long as new winning combos are formed.

The Yum Yum Powerways slot also offers free spins that can be triggered whenever 3 scatter symbols land on the reels. The number of free spins you will receive depends on the number of scatter symbols that will come into view. You can win 6, 8, 10, or 12 free spins for landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters, respectively. Provided that extra scatter symbols land on the reels during the bonus game, you will receive an extra free spin per each of them.

The slot also comes with a gamble feature, providing players with the chance to win more free spins. Only slot fans who triggered the free spins by landing 3 to 5 scatters can benefit from the gamble feature. Please note that if you win 12 free spins during the base game, you cannot benefit from the gamble feature.

The gamble feature is optional and is based on pure luck. Players who opt for it will have access to a wheel. Every time the wheel stops in a winning position, the number of free spins increases by 2 and vice versa. The chances of winning during the gamble feature are as follows:

  • Gambling with 4 to 6 free spins – 50.14%
  • Gambling with 6 to 8 free spins – 42.88%
  • Gambling with 8 to 10 free spins – 44.46%
  • Gambling with 10 to 12 free spins – 45.47%

What is more, the slot also allows players to buy the free spins feature for 100x the total stake. During the free spins feature, players can enjoy a 3x progressive win multiplier. It increases every time when the replacement feature takes place. A wild symbol comes randomly into view on the inner 4×4 grid during the free spins feature.

Closing Thoughts

casino payouts When all is said and done, Powerways mechanic is set to take the gambling industry by storm. Pragmatic Play certainly did its best to appeal to the interest of the slot-playing crowd. Yum Yum Powerways is a slot game that presents this one-of-a-kind slot mechanic. Loaded to the brim with bonus features, this title will captivate the hearts of players who love delicious food and have a passion for slots. And we believe that Pragmatic Play will release new slots based on the Powerways mechanic soon.