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No Registration Casinos

S. Stoynova (editor)

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An increasing number of gamblers are starting to favor online over landbased casinos as the former offer greater convenience, more versatility, and better payout percentages. Most gambling sites require customers to register, deposit, and verify their accounts before they can withdraw any resulting winnings. This verification process can be cumbersome at times, especially if players send illegible or dated documents as proof of identity, payment, and address. Even if all documents are in order, some gambling operators still require at least 24 hours to complete the verification. 

The good news is there is no need to go through all these hassles if you join a no-registration casino. Also known as “no account casinos” or “pay and play casinos”, these gambling sites spare customers from going through a lengthy signup and verification process. Instead, they enable players to create accounts within seconds by logging into their online banking and depositing. All required Know Your Customer (KYC) information is collected during the deposit process straight from the bank’s portal or the online payment provider of the player. This results in multiple benefits, including improved security and instant transactions to and from your online casino balance. 

Best No Account Casinos

The number of no-registration casinos is still quite limited as these gambling sites are relatively new. Most of them are currently accessible by players from specific markets and regions only, and are yet to gain broader global availability. They emerged shortly after the launch of Trustly’s Pay N Play product which functions like a payment and a registration method at the same time. This new breed of online casinos that use Trustly enable you to fund your account and start playing for real money without filling in any registration forms beforehand.

Speed, efficiency, and high levels of security are the main drivers behind the popularity of no-registration casinos but how do they work and will they completely replace standard registration-based gambling sites? On this page, we answer these questions and tackle the main advantages and disadvantages of no-registration casinos. Feel free to visit and test one of the best no-registration casinos recommended above to see whether you will enjoy your stay there.

How Do No Registration Casinos Work?

Video SlotsAs mentioned above, these casinos do not require signing up and patrons are allowed to play various slots or other casino games for real money without disclosing their personal information in a registration form. In fact, most websites of this type have no sign-up button to begin with.  New customers can start playing immediately after they make their first deposits by using Trustly or BankID. Their accounts are created directly in the gambling site’s back office during the deposit process.

To initiate the process, customers must click or tap on the “Play Now” or “Start Play” button and enter their desired deposit amount in the designated field. They must then agree to the terms and conditions of the respective no-registration casino and select their bank from the list of financial institutions that support BankID or Trustly’s Pay N Play. The last step involves entering the username and password of your online banking account and/or BankID. Your identity will be verified with your bank account information after you confirm and complete your first deposit, allowing you to start playing your favorite casino games for real money almost immediately.

Any winnings you generate will be automatically credited in the same currency as that of their bank account. The whole process literally requires seconds to complete and does not involve entering any sensitive personal or banking information. Players can return and gamble some more as the casino’s system will automatically save their available balance. The only downside is such no-registration casinos are still not as widely available as we would like them to be.


Mobile Slot MachineNo-registration casinos are still limited in number despite the numerous advantages they offer. At the time of publication, most gambling sites of this kind are primarily geared toward customers from a select few European markets like Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Players must have a valid Bank ID or online banking accounts with financial institutions based in these countries to join one such casino. People hailing from other countries are automatically excluded from gambling participation on such websites because they cannot initiate deposits to verify themselves in the first place.

With this in mind, some cryptocurrency casinos also enable new customers to start playing without undergoing lengthy registration and verification. Setting up an account only requires entering a valid email address and choosing a username and password. However, some of these online casinos are entirely crypto-focused and require users to purchase altcoins or cryptocurrencies to play the available games. Others are subject to laxer regulations, which makes them far from ideal for players prioritizing security and gambling in a highly regulated environment.

No Login Play

Mobile Casino GamesMost casino players probably struggle to understand how they can play casino games for real money without logging in to their user accounts. At no-registration casinos, you essentially create an account when you initiate a deposit from your bank account or the online banking portal of your bank. If you decide to take a break, you will able to resume play from where you left off without entering any usernames and passwords. Your browser automatically saves your information by using a cashing storage system. This enables the casino to instantly retrieve your balance and allow you to play with the funds you have deposited with your BankID or Trustly’s Pay N Play, which we cover in more detail in the next section.

Players can decide how long and how much they wish to play and even set up custom limits on the deposits they make at no-registration casinos. They can link their existing casino accounts to Trustly or their BankID for quicker access on subsequent visits. If they wish, players still have the option to log out of their existing casino accounts and access them again later on by entering the Trustly Pay N Play or BankID information they originally created them with. Their current balance, details, transactions, and bonus information are all securely connected and easily accessible with a couple of taps or mouse clicks.

Trustly’s Pay N Play

Casino Free PlayThe Stockholm-based company Trustly launched its Pay N Play service in 2016 to streamline the payment process for online casino players and decrease onboarding times to mere minutes. This is a direct bank transfer service that allows casino players to access the funds in their bank accounts quickly and securely. To start playing for real money, online gamblers must simply connect their bank accounts to the no-registration casino and make a deposit. The Pay N Play service is unique in that it combines nearly instant identity verification and deposits in a single streamlined process. On one hand, this enables casinos to confirm the identities of new customers and remain compliant with the requirements of their regulators. On the other hand, Pay N Play users can start playing casino games immediately after they deposit from their bank accounts as part of the sign-up process.

It is basically a win-win situation for all parties involved – players, gambling operators, and regulators. The Trustly platform gathers the necessary KYC information during the initial deposit process and passes it onto gambling operators who then set up the customers’ new accounts in the background. This not only improves efficiency and reduces verification time but facilitates instant withdrawals from your balance at no-registration casinos. When cashing out, users must click or tap the withdrawal button and specify their preferred withdrawal amount to have the funds instantly credited to the connected bank account. All transactions carried out in this manner are heavily protected and remain anonymous.

There are two versions of the Pay N Play service, starting with Pay N Play Pure which facilitates instant payments directly to and from your online bank account. Pay N Play Hybrid, on the other hand, enables partnering gambling operators to offer other payment methods but players must complete the standard registration process to gain access to the casino cashier. To resume play, returning customers must either initiate new Trustly deposits from their bank accounts or type in their existing casino passwords and usernames. When requesting withdrawals, players at Pay N Play Hybrid casinos must access their online banking accounts through the Trustly platform, which acts as an intermediary between them and their banks. Some of the most established brands in the iGaming industry have already adopted the Pay N Play, including well-known names like Speedy Casino, Mr Green, and William Hill.

Instant Deposits

Online Casino DepositTo play for real money, customers of no-registration casinos must simply make a Trustly deposit. They require no separate account to use the service. Once they pick the amount of money they wish to deposit and their country of residence, they must select a partnering bank from the list of financial institutions in their region. Originally launched in 2008, the Stockholm-based Trustly is available to residents of 29 European countries, so the number of banks participating in its network is quite extensive.

When you choose your bank, you will be redirected to its online banking platform where you must log in with your credentials – a user ID, password, security code, and so on. Login details vary, depending on the country you live in and the banking institution you hold an account with. In Sweden, for instance, you can sign in with your PIN (Personal Identification Number), while the options for authentication include either a MobileBankID or security token, Kodbox, or any other similar codes.

The deposit is transferred to the casino immediately after you confirm the transaction. This is possible thanks to the Pay N Play service by Trustly. The Trustly platform does not charge any processing fees but your bank may impose bank transfer charges.

Direct Withdrawals

Online Casinos WithdrawalsWithdrawing from your online gambling account with Trustly is just as hassle-free as initiating deposits. When you want to cash out from a no-registration casino, you simply open the cashier page, enter the sum you wish to withdraw, and log into your online banking account. The process is almost the same as depositing and just as quick since the funds are almost instantly added to your connected bank account without undergoing lengthy verification checks.

The gambling operator verifies your identity and bank account when you deposit. As a result, withdrawals with Trustly’s Pay N Play are highly streamlined and your winnings go directly to your bank account within no more than a couple of minutes. In comparison, other online casinos process payouts within a few hours in the best-case scenario, with processing timeframes sometimes extending to 48 hours.

Another extremely important thing about cashing out from no-account casinos is that they usually do not require you to wager your winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw them. Most regular casinos that require registration impose wagering or playthrough requirements players must meet when using bonus credits. It is also a common rule that any deposited funds should be wagered at least once before withdrawals even without active bonuses. This means that if you deposit $100, you will not be able to withdraw it unless you play with it and place bets equal to or larger than $100.

Promotional incentives at most no-registration gambling sites work a bit differently and sometimes have no wagering requirements when Pay N Play deposits are involved. Your casino balance and bank account are connected, making it impossible for the casino to enforce wagering requirements on your own money. As a result, many no-registration casinos either offer free spins bonuses or compensate players with cashbacks credited in withdrawable funds.

As for processing fees, most no-registration casinos waive the additional charges on customer withdrawals. However, each gambling site has unique payment policies outlined in its terms and conditions. If you fail to find the information you are looking for on this page, we recommend you contact a representative of the customer support staff to ask about any potential fees.

Enhanced Security

bank transfer securityPlaying at online casinos without registering an account and going through a strict verification process does not mean compromising your security. Quite the contrary, no-registration casinos are exceptionally safe since transactions are authenticated directly through customers’ bank accounts without revealing their sensitive data.

The exact process of transaction confirmation is bank-specific, although most financial institutions require customers to go through two-factor authentication (2FA). Thus, the user must complete the payment by providing information only they have access to. Online banking login credentials like usernames and passwords often work in combination with one-time security codes sent as text messages or biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition).

In the case of Trustly’s Pay N Play, casino deposits and withdrawals require very strong authentication that includes the use of a one-time security code. It is not stored anywhere and by any of the three parties involved in the transactions – the casino, Trustly, and the bank. Your credentials for your online banking account are not stored by the Trustly platform and only you and your bank have access to them. Additionally, the platform does not keep any of your personal details such as name, address, and phone number.

In rare instances, the no-registration casino may ask you to provide some documents for additional verification, although this only happens when players attempt to pull large amounts of money from their balance. In this case, you will be notified by the casino. Remember that if you are playing at a licensed online casino, the operator will have to comply with all standards and regulations regarding online security and customer privacy.

This includes encrypting all information sent to and from a given gambling site. Players can easily see whether a particular casino encrypts their data – the connection is secure if the site uses HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP. It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and keeps any personal or banking data masked during transmission through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same encryption implemented by your bank.

Advantages of Playing at No Registration Casinos

Casino ChipsThere are several advantages of choosing no-registration over regular online casinos that are easy to point out. The first one is the ease and convenience the former are associated with. As explained above, casino players still create user accounts but this happens without entering any details in a registration form. At standard casinos, this process typically involves providing your full name, birth date, permanent address, email, and so on. This is a lot of information to type in, especially on a tiny smartphone keyboard. Also, newly registered members normally receive verification emails or codes via text messages and cannot access their accounts without clicking on the confirmation links or entering the codes.

With this new type of gambling sites, customers must simply make an instant deposit from their bank accounts to start playing. Interestingly, it has been estimated that you need less than half a minute to get started. You must load the casino in your browser, enter a deposit amount, confirm the transaction through your online banking, and that’s it. Payouts are almost just as quick, which is not the case at regular online casinos. There are no additional fees for deposits and withdrawals at no-registration casinos, which is yet another reason to opt for them.

Another obvious benefit is improved transaction security as players disclose no personal or financial information during the payment process at no-account casinos. All transactions remain strictly confidential between them and their banks.

Taking all these advantages into consideration, it is safe to say that no-registration casinos are ideal for players looking for more convenience and flexibility. Instead of wasting time on registrations and verification checks, gambling enthusiasts can simply load funds into their balance, play with them, and instantly withdraw their winnings at any time. These casinos often have no wagering requirements that need to be completed before a withdrawal. To a great degree, playing at such casinos is just as straightforward as in landbased casinos, only easier, more accessible, and cost-effective.

Disadvantages of No Registration Casinos

Roulette Mobile And Desktop PhotoFrom all we have written so far, it becomes obvious that no-registration casinos have plenty of merits to offer, including higher security, greater convenience, and low or no transaction costs. And yet, as great as they are, no-account gambling sites still have several minor flaws players should be aware of before choosing them.

The first issue has to do with the limited range of promotional incentives customers can claim. Since setting up an account practically requires making a deposit, players cannot redeem no-deposit bonuses at such gambling sites. Many casinos of this type reward customers with free spins or wager-free cashbacks that are added to their balance as withdrawable funds. Regular deposit-match reload bonuses are largely unavailable, which may prove problematic for gamblers keen on frequently participating in such incentives.

Another aspect of these casinos that some players may find inconvenient is the absence of alternative payment methods, especially at casinos that use Trustly’s Pay N Play Pure platform.  Many customers still prefer credit cards and digital wallets, but will be unable to use them at Pay N Play Pure gambling sites. This leads to yet another drawback as transacting through this platform requires you to have an active online banking account at a supported bank. Some gamblers have no bank accounts or prefer not to use them for such purposes. Finally, most no-registration casinos with BankID or Pay N Play target primarily customers from the Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, and German markets. Although Trustly is available to residents of other European countries, the majority of these people will not be able to join without going through the standard registration and account verification process.


No-registration casinos are a great option for all players looking for instant access to their favorite games without having to sign up. Trustly’s sophisticated Pay N Play platform offers instant registration, deposits and withdrawals, and high levels of security and privacy in a world where websites, social networks, and even search engines are constantly tracking our activities. The platform is incorporated into many no-registration casinos, allowing for seamless transactions and instant real-money gameplay.

In fact, Pay N Play was designed specifically for gaming websites and online casinos. It doubles as a payment method and a registration tool, which greatly streamlines the user experience. Of course, it is still too early to say whether more gambling operators will pick up this trend as the number of no-registration casinos remains limited for the time being.

Nevertheless, this innovation has great potential to reshape the online gambling industry. According to its creators at Trustly, no-registration casinos and in-banner betting or shopping are the future. For casino fans, the fast payments and no-account play for real money are appealing options, although still limited to only several countries in Europe. This concept may soon expand to more gambling sites due to increased interest and demand in the player community.