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Umpire Pat Hoberg Faces Disciplinary Action for Reportedly Violating MLB Gambling Policy

Pat Hoberg Pat Hoberg, an American Major League Baseball (MLB) umpire, who was promoted to the full-time umpire staff in 2017, is currently facing disciplinary action for reportedly violating the league’s policy on gambling. Responding to an inquiry from The Athletic, the MLB confirmed an investigation was underway during which the umpire was being pulled out of games.

As explained by the MLB, the investigation was launched during the 2024 Spring Training and while there was no evidence of any betting action so far, “the MLB determined that discipline was warranted.” The league denied further comments on the case until the process was completed.

Hoberg, in turn, decided to appeal the decision. In a statement, he said that the integrity of the sport was crucial to him and that he looked forward to the appeal process. He also shared his gratitude that MLB’s Umpires Association supported him in his appeal.

Hoberg, who has been a professional umpire since 2009 and debuted in 2014, became widely renowned for his impeccable work during the 2022 World Series.

As reported by CasinoGamesPro, the MLB has been subjected to several similar cases related to violations of its policy on gambling. Two notable cases are Shohei Ohtani’s ex-interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, who pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $17 million from the player’s bank account to pay off his gambling debts, as well as San Diego Padres infielder Tucupita Marcano, who received a lifetime ban due to his gambling violations. Several other players received one-year suspensions for violations associated with betting.

Since the 2018 ruling of the US Supreme Court, sports betting has expanded enormously, and other professional sports leagues have dealt with similar gambling issues. However, there are no other recent cases of umpires being subjected to investigation due to gambling violations.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Comments on the League’s Gambling Policy

Rob Manfred According to Rule 21, baseball umpires must conform to the same anti-gambling rules as players.

MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, who will hear Hoberg’s appeal, commented on MLB’s policy on gambling, underlining that the strict enforcement of its rules and regulations was vital for upholding the integrity of the sport. He further explained that the limitation to wager on baseball games had been in force for more than a century and that it applied to athletes, umpires, and all involved in the league.

Mr. Manfred also said that “MLB will continue to invest heavily in integrity monitoring, educational programming, and awareness initiatives with the goal of ensuring strict adherence to this fundamental rule of our game.”

As explained by the Commissioner, the league’s stance on gambling has remained unchanged, requiring all involved in baseball games “to refrain from engaging in certain types of behavior that are legal for other people.”

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