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IC360 Announces Alert360 Platform Launch, Facilitating Integrity in Sports Betting

Integrity Compliance 360 The last week of May saw the launch of the Alert360 Platform by Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360) created in cooperation with RealResponse. The platform was designed to serve the sports betting and gaming industry, empowering players, coaches, and trainers to report securely and anonymously any issues that may be troubling them.

IC360 is an indisputable leader in providing top-of-the-range products and services, combining regulations with technology to facilitate integrity and compliance for the gambling sector. Its continued partnership with RealResponse resulted in a bespoke product assisting organizations in tackling the difficulties they face in the continuously evolving sports betting domain.

The newly launched platform gives athletes, trainers, and other individuals involved in sports a safe and convenient reporting tool for any harassment without fear of repercussions. The product is user-intuitive, featuring a diverse assortment of QR codes, forms, email, and text messaging. All channels of communication are safe, with identities being safeguarded during the reporting process and any ensuing investigations. Any facts and details related to a particular issue or situation will be made available only to the individual dealing with the particular investigation.

Organizations can rebrand and customize the platform to meet their requirements, with several options available to manage it effortlessly. They can either choose to outsource portal management or appoint administrators within their organizations.

IC360 and RealResponse CEOs Comment on the Launch of the Alert360 Platform

Matthew Holt Matthew Holt, the chief executive officer of IC360, has highlighted the importance of integrity and compliance in sports competitions: “The implementation of Alert 360, powered by RealResponse, is another example of how we help our partners stay one step ahead.” He further stressed the power of anonymous reporting and its potential to “prevent acts or threats of physical and emotional harm or intimidation while thwarting attempts to undermine the integrity of sports.”

RealResponse’s CEO, David Chadwick, also commented on the launch of the platform, underling the need for innovative reporting channels to further bolster the integrity of sports: “It is critical to offer new and innovative ways for people to share concerns without the fear of reprisal.” He added that the advancement of the legalized sports betting industry has brought about both expected and unexpected challenges. The CEO also reiterated the organization’s commitment to protecting athletes and ensuring “competition remains free from manipulation or outside influence.”

This is not the first time both companies have cooperated to produce an innovative product. Back in May 2023, they launched a one-of-a-kind national tip line, “Athlete Alert Powered by RealResponse”, for reporting issues related to gambling. The next product of their partnership was released in August of the same year, helping to protect student-athletes as well as higher education establishments from the harms associated with illegal gambling.

 Author: Harrison Young

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