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Dutch Study Cautions about Illegal Operators Accepting Underage Players

Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates A study by the Quality Mark for Responsible Affiliations – Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates (KVA), has revealed an alarming trend showing how easy it is for underage Dutch players to access gambling through unauthorized operators. The gaming trade group has provided the findings to the Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) and two other associations, the Licensed Dutch Online Gaming Providers (VNLOK) and the Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA).

According to the study, minors can create accounts with just an email or phone number, fund them via youth bank accounts or cryptocurrencies, and then play undisturbed by KYC procedures.

While licensed gambling operators do not allow this, it can be hard to distinguish between them and unlicensed businesses. The KVA further drew attention to a 2023 study revealing that offshore operators targeted players looking to evade Cruks, the national gambling self-exclusion system.

Representatives of VNLOK and NOGA have expressed their expectations for the KSA to address these issues quickly and competently. They prompted the regulator to exert its influence, requiring operators, affiliates, and Internet Service Providers to block access to such illegal gambling operators’ websites. The gambling authority could also enhance its monitoring by imposing more substantial fines, as suggested by the organizations.

Peter-Paul de Goeij, director of NOGA, has underlined the potential risks associated with underage gambling and the enhanced vulnerability of young people to adverse consequences, including mental and financial issues. He further noted that raising public awareness of these risks could also be helpful.

Among the other solutions suggested by NOGA’s director were cooperation with financial institutions to block payments, as well as geolocation blocking and AI-powered monitoring.

VNLOK’s chair, Helma Lodders shared that while she was aware of the practices illegal casinos accept to attract minors, she was also surprised by how easy it was to create an account with one.

KVA’s Study Comes Against the Backdrop of Enhanced Regulation of the Dutch Market

KVA’s Study Comes Against the Backdrop of Enhanced Regulation of the Dutch Market KVA’s study comes against the backdrop of enhanced gambling regulation in the Netherlands. As CasinoGamesPro reported, several Dutch political parties have proposed an increase in the gambling tax rate to 37.8% from the current 30.5%. While it would result in an extra €202 million in tax revenue, NOGA has shared its apprehensions that it would banish operators from the legal market. Additionally, players would also be affected, as far as prizes and odds are concerned.

The tax hike, along with other limitations such as proposals to ban “high-risk” games and gambling advertising restrictions could result in enhancing the popularity of the black market, according to De Goeij.

Meanwhile, the gambling authority published a news release revealing it was taking stricter measures to address the issue of illegal gambling machines. Businesses in violation of regulations would be required to terminate the operation of such slot machines within two weeks. Moreover, if the KSA found that the gambling machines were operated without the necessary permits, it would take enforcement action.

 Author: Harrison Young

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