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Prince Edward Island Senator Supports Bill Aimed at Restricting Sports Betting Advertisements

Prince Edward Island Senator Supports Bill Aimed at Restricting Sports Betting AdvertisementsPercy E. Downe, a Prince Edward Island Senator, has publicly supported a bill aimed at imposing tougher restrictions on sports betting advertisements.

In an interview with CBC Radio’s Island Morning, the Senator commented that some players perceived these ads as annoying. However, others, who have been struggling with gambling addiction, might be adversely affected by them.

“My particular concern is the impact on young people,” he said. The Senator explained that the sports betting ads featured many sports personalities and celebrities, making the young generation crave their lifestyle.

Senator Downe further explained that sports betting operators should be subjected to the same advertisement restrictions imposed on alcohol and tobacco companies. In addition to creating a national framework that would regulate gambling advertisements, the Senator shared his hopes for more transparent reporting of profits from the betting companies.

The politician shared that in view of the huge volume of sports betting advertisements that the public is being exposed to, expectations are that gambling involvement would increase too. “Anything we can do to curtail or to reduce the amount of gambling advertising is in the public benefit,” he said.

Bill S-269 passed second hearing in the Senate last week

Bill S-269 passed second hearing in the Senate last weekBetting on single-event sports events in Canada became legal in 2021, with a few rules and guidelines in place regarding how it is advertised to consumers. In June 2023, Senator Marty Deacon introduced Bill S-269, An Act respecting a national framework on Advertising for Sports Betting. Under the bill, the federal government must come up with measures aimed at restricting and regulating ads for single-event sports betting.

Senator Deacon shared Senator Downe’s opinion regarding the impact of sports betting ads on young and vulnerable people.

She said that the piece of legislation could include partial limitations or a complete ban on using sports stars and celebrities from appearing in sports betting advertisements. Additionally, the number of ads that can be shown in a particular location should be limited or a full ban on broadcast ads must come into force.

Bill S-269 passed a second hearing in the Senate last week. A third hearing would be needed before it moves to the House of Commons for consideration.

As reported by CBC News, Matthew Young, a senior research associate with the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, said sports betting advertisements particularly affected young males aged 18-25. He explained that being a betting and sports fan is associated with “a certain level of masculinity.”

As Mattew Young suggested, people should not spend more than 1% of their income on betting. He further pointed to the potential negative impact that gambling could have on one’s personal, financial, and health status.

 Author: Harrison Young

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