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Arizona Division of Problem Gambling Reports Surge in Hotline Calls

Arizona Division of Problem Gambling Reports Surge in Hotline CallsThe Arizona Division of Problem Gambling reported a surge in gambling hotline calls since the state authorized and regulated sports betting in April 2021.

Elise Mikkelsen, Director of the Division of Problem Gambling at the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG), said this increase came as no surprise, considering the state hosts multiple major sports events. Phoenix, for example, has MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL teams, providing sports betting enthusiasts with plenty of entertainment opportunities.

Moreover, the sports betting legislation enacted in 2021 allowed for 20 licenses to be awarded, adding to the variety of sports betting facilities in the Grand Canyon State.

Since the industry’s legalization in 2021, the ADG has reported $15.7 billion in gross event wagering receipts. There were approximately 300 hotline calls in 2021. The next year saw this number more than double to 614 hotline calls. In addition, there were more than 700 texts since 2021.

AZFamily interviewed Elise Mikkelsen and she confirmed that this noticeable trend in the number of gamblers seeking professional help would be “climbing each year”. With more wagering opportunities coming to Arizona, she said the division was looking into expanding its team to handle the growing workload.

Mrs. Mikkelsen commented that the division was allowed to add a new team member in the new fiscal year. She also said that the division was looking to partner with more treatment centers to meet the growing demands for professional guidance and support, with $1 million allocated annually to this end. The Director of the Problem Gambling Division also stressed the importance of raising the public’s awareness of the 24-hour confidential problem gambling hotline, 1-800- NEXT-STEP.

Looking into the specific events or seasons that trigger an increase in hotline calls, Mikkelsen confirmed her team was still trying to figure them out. The text option to contact the hotline was the preferable communication channel for the younger demographic.

ADG Releases February 2024 Sports Betting Report Indicating $637.5 Million Placed in Wagers

ADG Releases February 2024 Sports Betting Report Indicating $637.5 Million Placed in WagersThe Arizona Department of Gaming released its most recent sports betting figures covering February 2024. The report indicated nearly $637.5 million placed in sports wagers, representing a 4.6% increase compared to February 2023. Online bets accounted for more than $631 million.

Sports betting has generated nearly $7.4 million in tax revenue in January and February of the current year. Since the industry’s legalization, the state has collected approximately $76.6 million in tax revenue.

In terms of sportsbooks’ profits for February, FanDuel ranked first, with $19.7 million, closely followed by DraftKings, with $19.2 million. BetMGM occupied the third position, with $5.9 million, followed by ESPN Bet and Bet365.

Arizona’s legislation dictates that sports betting revenue is taxed at 8% for retail outlets, and 10% for mobile apps or websites.

 Author: Harrison Young

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