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TXHPF Study Reveals Strong Support for Expanded Gambling in Texas

TXHPF Study Reveals Strong Support for Expanded Gambling in Texas A newly published study by the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation (TXHPF) revealed broad public support for expanded gambling opportunities in Texas. The nonprofit organization inquired into the opinions of 1,600 likely Texas voters on three legislative proposals, including Destination Resort Casinos, online sports betting, and the operation of physical sports betting shops near stadiums and arenas of professional sports teams. The representative survey was conducted between April 5 and 10, 2024, with a margin of error of +/- 2.45%. Some types of legalized gambling garnered greater support than others.

Regarding the building and operation of Destination Casino Resorts in the territory of Texas, it would be supported by 56% of likely voters and opposed by 30%. One in seven likely voters, or 14%, did not express an opinion. Of those who would back such legislative efforts, 61% are men and 52% are women.

The findings concerning the prospective authorization of online sports betting in Texas indicate less support, with 47% in favor and 37% against. Some 16% were not aware of the issue to express an opinion. Some 56% of the proponents of remote betting are men and 40% are women.

As for the legislation to allow the operation of physical betting shops in the vicinity of stadiums and arenas of professional sports teams, 41% of likely voters gave their consent, while 42% declared their disapproval, and 17% were neutral. The share of men in favor of betting shops near sports venues stood at 49%, whereas female supporters were only 35%.

Besides looking at the gender of likely voters, the study exhibited opinions by ethnicity, age, education, religion, political affiliation, and region.

The Study Shows Majority Support for the Destination and Casino Legislation

Dr. Mark Jones Dr. Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University in Houston and Chief Information and Analysis Officer, commented on the study’s findings. As reported by Spectrum News 1, he said: “One of the most interesting things we found with the destination and casino legislation is the majority support for it across all cross sections of Texas.”

Women were generally less supportive than men of all three proposals for the expansion of gambling opportunities in Texas. As indicated by the figures above, the most stark contrast in terms of gender differences was about the authorization of remote sports betting and in-person sports betting near professional sports venues across the state.

As the study’s executive summary concluded: “White women are consistently the least supportive of all three gambling proposals by significant margins compared to white men, Hispanic women, Black women, and Black men.”

The Texas Senate has long opposed expanding gambling in Texas. Last year, it turned down the proposal for a remote sports betting bill after it passed the House. While some experts believe there are chances for the success of the gambling legislation during the 2025 legislative session, opponents do not see Texas moving forward in the gambling realm.

 Author: Harrison Young

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