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KSA Chair René Jansen Speaks at Casino Operations Summit in Amsterdam, Drawing Attention to Physical Gambling Operators

René Jansen René Jansen, the chairman of Kansspelautoriteit, gave a speech at the recent Casino Operations Summit held in Amsterdam, focusing on land-based gambling venues in the country and the need to impose stricter controls on their operations.

Jansen began his speech by highlighting the amount of attention the gambling industry attracts, particularly after the legalization of the online market. He specifically pointed to the recent calls to ban online gambling advertisements and online games of chance carrying a high potential of addiction. The political arena and the media seemed to be preoccupied with online gambling, according to the chairman, leaving him with the impression that land-based gambling venues remain forgotten”.

While he admitted that the work agenda of the gambling authority has been strongly influenced by “the challenges and dynamics of online”, his present contribution would focus on physical gambling establishments across the country. More specifically, he delivered information on the results of inspections carried out during the winter.

Jansen explained that while previously the gambling authority had been involved in enforcement actions through the municipalities or the police, now its inspectors were conducting their own investigations. This approach had proven to be quite effective, resulting in an increased number of reported illegal bingo, lottery, and poker operations and the imposition of fines.

Apart from tackling illegal gambling establishments, the authority has remained focused on legal providers too, ensuring they operate in accordance with the set rules and regulations. The KSA conducted on-site inspections of these legal providers in December 2023 and January 2024, with a special focus on their compliance with the duty of care. Although these visits were not announced in advance, the chairman reported that arcade owners were willing to cooperate.

”Physical Gambling Operators Must Take Their Duty of Care Very Seriously”

Physical Gambling Operators Must Take Their Duty of Care Very Seriously Following these unannounced on-site inspections and discussions, the gambling authority concluded that operators did not pay due attention to monitoring players and their gambling behavior, as would be expected of a physical location. Of all the inspected venues, there was not one that had a maximum playing time restriction, which was alarming, since they were all open round the clock.

Simultaneous play on multiple gaming machines was yet another topic of concern, which Mr. Jansen addressed in his speech. The practice was allowed across all inspected locations, as he explained. Additionally, not all gambling establishments imposed limits on the maximum number of transactions players were allowed to process.

The chairman also clarified that the KSA would provide further guidance for physical gambling venues regarding their duty of care. The focus would be on the above-mentioned areas of concern, including the maximum amount of permitted playing time, simultaneous play on multiple machines, and the efforts to limit the use of credit cards as a payment means.

With regard to CRUKS, the national self-exclusion register, Mr. Jansen pointed out that it was not used efficiently at brick-and-mortar locations, as most did not have entrance control. He added that casino employees needed further training on how to recognize and register problem players.

Mr. Jansen concluded his speech by saying that to provide a safe environment for gambling, “all operators must take their duty of care very seriously”. He will step down from his role as a chairman of the KSA, with Michel Groothuizen taking over it as of October 1.

 Author: Harrison Young

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