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Spillemyndigheden Reports 50,000 Danes Self-Exclude from Gambling by April 2024

Spillemyndigheden According to Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, the number of self-excluded players in the official register, ROFUS, has reached 50,070, with just under two-thirds of them opting for a permanent exclusion.

Established in 2012, ROFUS enables players to self-exclude from gambling either temporarily or permanently through MitID. Much like registering at an online casino, Danes can opt out of gaming and betting at remote and land-based establishments in a matter of seconds. Since the register’s inception, the number of people who chose to stop gambling has risen from 1,456 in 2012 to 50,070 by April 2024. Men account for 77% of all ROFUS-registered gamblers.

This escalation in the number of self-excluded gamblers may be attributable to the increased awareness campaigns organized by Spillemyndigheden. Furthermore, as of January 2020, Danish online and land-based gaming operators must refer to ROFUS in their marketing campaigns, a requirement that became compulsory for retail betting too, as of October 2023.

By April 2024, 64% of ROFUS-registered players, corresponding to 32,000 persons, opted for permanent exclusion, without the need for renewal. However, if players wish to request an annulment of the permanent exclusion, they can opt out of ROFUS after one year of registration. As for the temporary self-exclusion options, 17% chose to stop gambling for six months, 12% – for three months, and 7% – for one month.

StopSpillet Helpline Has Received 2,933 Inquiries since 2019

StopSpillet Helpline Meanwhile, the gambling regulator also reported that StopSpillet, the national gambling hotline service has received 2,933 inquiries since its launch in January 2019. Of all individuals who sought professional help to resolve their gambling-related issues, 56% were players, 40% were relatives calling on behalf of a loved one, and 4% were professionals. Half of the callers who presented themselves as relatives were parents.

A gambling addiction test is in place for helpline callers, enabling them to find out whether they have a problematic relationship with gambling. The average score of players who contacted StopSpillet was 5.94 on a scale of 0 to 9. A result above 4 indicates problem-gambling traits that need to be addressed, as explained by Spillemyndigheden.

When players seek professional help through the helpline, gambling advisers inquire about their preferences in terms of game types. Online casino games account for 35% of the favorite gambling products, closely followed by 31% of callers who opted for online sports betting. Land-based gaming machines are preferred by 10% of helpline callers, while retail betting accounts for 9%.

Similar to ROFUS, the Danish regulator aims to enhance public awareness of StopSpillet through campaigns. Last week, the gambling authority issued three orders and one reprimand to Mr. Green Limited for failure to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

 Author: Harrison Young

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