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NCAA Penalizes Former Sewanee Basketball Coach for Betting on College and Profesional Competitions

Women’s basketball coach at Sewanee On February 13, 2024, the NCAA Division III Committee on Infractions (COI) released a decision involving sports wagering activity conducted by the former head women’s basketball coach at Sewanee, University of the South. In what was defined as “Sewanee’s first major infractions case”, the coach had bet more than $93,000 on sports competitions at college and professional level from January 2021 through March 2023.

During the 26-month period, the offender was initially an assistant men’s basketball coach, consequently becoming the head women’s basketball coach, and, thus violating the principles of head coach responsibility. The betting activity comprised 407 wagers on college sports competitions worth nearly $28,000, as well as an indeterminate number of wagers on professional sports competitions worth approximately $65,000.

Sewanee University was informed about this case by the Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council in March 2023. Simultaneously, a sports betting operator alerted the NCAA Division III COI about the same violations. Consequently, the educational institution launched an investigation and delivered the committee with regular updates. After placing the coach on administrative leave, the university submitted a self-report and later accepted his resignation.

The Committee’s decision identified the violations as “individual in nature”. Furthermore, they seemed not to have affected the integrity of intercollegiate competitions or brought about any unfair advantage. However, Division III Committee on Infractions hearing panel stated that “regardless of the evolving views and prevalence of sports wagering, such activities remain against NCAA rules”.

The NCAA Division III Committee on Infractions Lays Down Penalties and Corrective Measures

The NCAA Division III Committee Following due investigation into the case, the coach conceded violating the principles of head coach responsibility and failing to foster an atmosphere of conformity with ethical conduct rules.

The Committee laid down penalties and corrective measures. These included one year of probation from February 13, 2024, through February 12, 2025, as well as a $1,500 fine, self-imposed by the university. Additionally, a two-year show-cause order was given, requiring any employing member institution to provide the head coach with personal monthly rules education.

Furthermore, the committee’s decision stated that in case he got employed by any participating NCAA institution during the said period, he should be subjected to a five-game suspension at the beginning of the first season of employment.

Sewanee University has implemented several actions to further improve its compliance program. Among them are hanging “Don’t Bet on It” posters in its athletics center. Additionally, the athletics staff would be required to attend monthly meetings focusing on compliance matters, as well as thorough sports betting education with student-athletes.

The university intends to use the e-learning module developed by the NCAA, aimed to promote the rules associated with sports wagering. Last but not least, Sewanee University also pledged to continue raising awareness of gambling-related implications among its staff and student-athletes.

 Author: Harrison Young

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