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GeoComply Reports Record 100 Million Geolocation Checks Over Super Bowl Weekend

The Super Bowl 2024 This year’s edition of the Super Bowl brought about a record-breaking 100 Million betting transactions, as reported by GeoComply, a leading geolocation security and compliance business, based in Vancouver, Canada. The software company has published a press release, based on data from geolocation check transactions for its clients conducted between February 11 and 12.

The geolocation checks and the total volume of transactions represent a 25% increase compared to last year’s edition of the Super Bowl. The number of registered accounts on Saturday and Sunday also rose to 7.4 Million, indicating a 32% growth compared to 2023.

Anna Sainsbury, CEO and Co-Founder at GeoComply commented on the record-shattering figures associated with the the annual league championship game. Americans have never shown a greater interest in wagering on the Super Bowl via licensed sports betting operators, as she remarked.

The increased volume of legal remote wagering reflected the multiple advantages of the properly regulated sports betting landscape, including the economic benefits and the robust consumer protection mechanisms. Betting on the Big Game while watching it in person at Nevada’s Allegiant Stadium is yet another new trend for this year’s edition.

Much like Black Friday, for example, the Super Bowl is among the events activating a great number of cybercriminals, considering the substantial growth in consumer interest. GeoComply’s CEO added that over 140,000 fraud attempts have been detected and prevented ahead of the Super Bowl weekend.

GeoComply Ranks Top Five States by Geolocation Checks and by Total Accounts Created During the Super Bowl Weekend

GeoComply Ranks Top Five States by Geolocation Checks GeoComply’s press release provided data on the top five US states ranked by total geolocation checks and the total number of unique accounts registered ahead of the Super Bowl LVII.

A key takeaway from GeoComply’s report points to New York as the frontrunner state, with 13.9 Million geolocation checks over the weekend. It is closely followed by Ohio, with 12.6 Million geolocation checks. Pennsylvania ranks third, with 11.8 Million, and New Jersey occupies the fourth position, with 9.1 Million. Michigan rounds out the top five, with 7.5 Million geolocation checks.

In terms of the total number of unique accounts created during the Super Bowl Weekend, Ohio occupies the leading position, with 1.1 Million accounts. New York ranks second, with 851K accounts, followed by Pennsylvania (793K accounts) and New Jersey (660K). Michigan completes the list, with 575K accounts.

As noted in the report, GeoComply does not aim to provide a clear representation of the US betting market in its entirety, but a general insight into the changing industry demands. Ultimately, the rise in online betting transactions reflects a transition to a safe and regulated sports betting industry, as GeoComply noted.

 Author: Harrison Young

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