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API-Commissioned Poll Reveals Scheduled Expansion of Statewide Gambling Is Not Top Priority for Republican Voters in Alabama

Alabama With the 2024 legislative session in Alabama set to commence on February 6, the scheduled expansion of statewide gambling seems not to be among the major priorities of Republican voters. This was among the top findings of an Alabama Police Institute-commissioned poll conducted by Montgomery Research. The poll has been conducted among 977 Republican primary voters, focusing on various aspects of gambling legalization.

Class III casino gaming, state lottery, sports betting, and the establishment of an Alabama Gaming Commission form part of the agenda of the state’s legislators.

When asked about the most important legislative priorities, 55% of respondents said the state of the economy and the job market mattered the most. Healthcare took precedence for 19% of polled voters, while protecting kids and education accounted for 12% and 7% of voters, respectively. The planned expansion of statewide gambling was an issue of essential importance for 7% of the poll participants.

As far as the planned expansion of gambling in Alabama is concerned, 39% of voters said they would support it, 44% were against it, and 17% had no opinion on the subject. As gambling addiction is a major issue in areas with a legalized gambling sector, polled voters were asked if they were concerned about the potential escalation in the number of problem gamblers, especially young men. While 43% of the poll participants answered ‘yes’, 29% answered negatively, and 28% had no opinion.

A mere 8% of respondents would back gambling via mobile devices in Alabama, while 80% were against it, and 12% expressed no opinion. When inquired about mobile sports betting specifically, 12% answered they would support it, 68% were opposed, and 20% had no opinion.

Some 23% of the polled voters would endorse having a casino establishment in their community, while 64% took the opposing view, and 13% shared no opinion.

More than Half of the Respondents Would Support Increasing Penalties for Illegitimate Gambling

Gambling The poll focused on various legal aspects associated with legalizing gambling in Alabama. The penalties for illegal gambling should be increased, according to 52% of polled voters. Some 24% did not believe that would be necessary, whereas the remaining 25% had no opinion.

When inquired about the increased potential for escalation in crime, 16% of respondents said they would still embrace the expansion of gambling, whereas 61% replied they would be against it.

Domestic violence and child trafficking are among the other grave issues associated with areas that have allowed gambling, with 7% of respondents still approving the expansion of the sector despite those problems and 80% against it.

When questioned whether they would back the expansion of gambling if it diverted funds from small businesses, 10% replied in the affirmative, whereas 70% took the opposing view.

Substance misuse problems and personality disorder rates tend to be higher in areas that have legalized gambling. The expansion of the sector receives just 5% support despite these issues, while 80% of the Republican primary voters would be against it.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.