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Veikkaus Becomes the First Gambling Company to Implement Mandatory Identification Checks for all of its Products

Veikkaus Becomes the First Gambling Company to Implement Mandatory Identification Checks for all of its ProductsVeikkaus, Finland’s national betting agency, has officially added all of its games to the list of products that require players to undergo mandatory identification. First announced in November 2023 and implemented on January 1st, 2024, the change aims to make gambling safer for Finnish residents, and to ensure that the company is in compliance with the country’s laws. It also marks the first step toward dismantling Veikkaus’ monopoly in Finland. Although Veikkaus currently operates as the sole entity that is authorized to offer gambling in Finland, Finnish officials are aiming to introduce and implement a licensing model by January 2026. All future businesses will need to follow in Veikkaus’ footsteps and adhere to the same identification requirements.

Responsibility Director of Veikkaus Susanna Saikkonen said that Veikkaus is the first gambling company on the globe to officially introduce identification requirements to the entirety of its product library, which includes both digital and physical games.

The new system will assist Veikkaus in becoming better at identifying problem gambling, and it will make it easier for the company to help those in need as soon as possible. It will also ensure fair play, guarantee that each player is old enough to purchase the gambling products they have decided to buy, and make gambling a safer hobby.

Saikkonen added that gamblers will now have the opportunity to keep track of their gaming activity. Moreover, loss limits are another significant advantage of the new system.

Many Veikkaus Customers are Already Used to the New System

Many Veikkaus Customers are Already Used to the New SystemIn terms of how players can complete the identification requirements, the process is relatively simple. Essentially, each individual will need to present a valid identification document or card whenever they wish to purchase a scratch card. One may opt to identify themselves via physical or digital cards issued by Veikkaus, or opt for a more traditional form of identification. The options include a Kela card, a personal ID card, or one’s driver’s license.

Veikkaus’ Head of Lottery Games, Ville Venojärvi, stated that although the new system is a significant change for Veikkaus’ lottery players, those who have enjoyed the company’s coupon games were already well acquainted with identification checks. This is due to the fact that coupon-centered games in Finland have been subject to mandatory identification requirements since the start of 2023.

He continued, pointing out that lottery tickets that players have bought in 2023 will be exempt from identification until 2024 ends. In spite of this, however, he noted that the company did not find any evidence of an abnormal upturn in ticket purchases during 2023’s Christmas promotions, which would have suggested that players were attempting to stockpile tickets before January rolled around. According to Venojärvi, this demonstrates that Veikkaus players are not new to the concept of identification.

 Author: Harrison Young

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