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Ohio Casino Control Commission Cooperates with GamFin to Provide Financial Counseling to Problem Gamblers

Ohio bolsters its responsible gambling resources by adding yet another product aimed at helping problem gamblers return to normalcy. The state’s gambling regulatory body, the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to tackling problem gambling issues over the last year.

With Ohio’s Lottery’s “Time Out Ohio” program already in place, people struggling with online gambling problems can exclude themselves through the Gamban app, a downloadable software available for free. However, more must be done to extend help to those in need, as Ohio’s regulator has demonstrated. While focusing attention on problem gambling awareness is of essential importance, the rehabilitation process is very challenging and often fraught with financial difficulties.

Cory Brown, Manager of Problem Gambling Services at the OCCC, has recently directed the public’s attention to the financial aspect of problem gambling by raising awareness of GamFin. Gamblers undergoing treatment can take advantage of the program’s financial counseling services by creating an account with GamFin, visiting the website,, or emailing The program’s professionals will provide them with tailored solutions, adjusted to their unique financial circumstances.

Ohio’s Problem Gambling Counselors Will Cooperate with GamFin

As Cory Brown stated, “Questions about money can be overwhelming and uncomfortable, so GamFin can help you carry the load”. That is where GamFin’s financial experts step in, to outline a sound financial plan for problem gamblers to follow and get back on their feet again. It is the financial aspect of problem gambling that has been oftentimes neglected by other recovery programs, and the launch of GamFin is among the latest solutions, made available to gamblers experiencing the financial consequences of falling victim to addiction.

The manager of the problem gambling unit at the OCCC added that the entity’s counselors are at the disposal of both individual clients and treatment services companies. The company has an inventory of tools designed to resolve financial issues and reach better outcomes in less time.

Problem gambling treatment providers have access to an online community, enabling them to discuss topics and share ideas with peers. They will receive advanced counseling on financial matters and the latest economic trends. They can download various financial tools and spreadsheets to utilize in their professional practice.

As Alex De Marco, founder and CEO of MoneyStack, the company managing the GamFin community stated, the product offers various advanced resources, including financial worksheets, tools, and learning materials. “Googling for answers is a massive waste of time — too many ads, outdated content, or advice that just doesn’t work for PG.

Besides Ohio, GamFin delivers tailored financial counseling services for Problem Gambling treatment programs in other states, including Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, to mention a few.

 Author: Harrison Young

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