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MGCB Encourages Responsible Gift-Giving at the Peak of the Holiday Season

MGCB Encourages Responsible Gift-Giving at the Peak of the Holiday SeasonWith the holiday season at its peak, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) promotes the initiative of responsible gift-giving. In a recently published press release, Henry Williams, Executive Director of the gambling regulatory body, encourages the state’s citizens to stick to responsible gift-giving practices with the well-being of the young generation in mind. These practices need to be observed not only during the festive season but all year round, including on birthdays and other special occasions.

Particular gifts, such as lottery tickets and scratch cards can be potentially harmful for young individuals, as they introduce them to the concept of gambling. As a gambling control agency, the MGCB is tasked to promote a fair and responsible environment for all state citizens. Similar to other states, Michigan’s law bans under-18s to buy lottery tickets.

As the Executive Director of the board said, both children and adults love the tradition of gift-giving, and while it is supposed to bring joy and excitement, it is of vital importance to observe the impact our gifts may have on young minds. “It is in this spirit of the season that I want to advocate for responsible choices when selecting presents for our younger generation”, he said.

Williams further noted that people should choose “meaningful gifts” that nurture an atmosphere encouraging “positive experiences for young people instead of promoting potentially harmful activities like gambling”.

Youth Gambling is an Escalating Public Health Concern in the US

Youth Gambling is an Escalating Public Health Concern in the USAs per data provided by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), 10% to 14% of the young generation is exposed to the risk of developing a gambling problem. This is an escalating public health concern across all US states, and to address it, the NCPG promotes an annual campaign called “Gift Responsibly”.

Through this campaign, the NCPG, in cooperation with the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, raises public awareness of the potential risks associated with gambling-themed presents.

Lotteries and other organizations across all US states join forces to educate the public about the inappropriateness of such presents and the potential risks associated with the exposure of underage individuals to gambling products.

As officials at the MGCB confirmed, the gambling regulatory body continues to promote fair and honest gambling, blocking the spread of illegal gambling and harmful gambling practices.

Michigan Sports Betting Operators Report $209.2 Million in November Revenue

Michigan Sports Betting Operators Report $209.2 Million in November RevenueAlong with its latest press release regarding the “Gift Responsibly” initiative, the MGCB has published data for the November 2023 revenue of sports betting operators. The state’s commercial and tribal operators reported $209.2 million in total iGaming gross receipts and gross sports betting receipts. Compared to October figures, gross receipts marked an increase of 1.9%.

With a total of $175.3 million in iGaming gross receipts, Michigan reached an all-time peak in November. The previous one was recorded in March 2023, totaling $171.8 million, whereas the October 2023 iGaming gross receipts totaled $160.3 million. As for the gross sports betting receipts for November 2023, they stood at $33.9 million.

 Author: Harrison Young

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