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Expanded iGaming Opportunities Could Become a Reality for Marylanders

Expanded iGaming Opportunities Could Become a Reality for MarylandersA recently conducted online survey has revealed that Marylanders seem interested in legalizing online casino gaming in the state. Currently, gambling opportunities within the Old Line State include in-person casino gambling, online and retail sports betting, pari-mutuel wagering, daily fantasy sports, and lottery.

The recent legalization of sports betting in Maryland could only be the beginning of the expanded iGaming options present in the state, seeing as there is a push to legalize online casino gaming as well. The said local online survey has suggested that the majority of Marylanders express an interest in having more gambling opportunities at their disposal.

Others have voiced their concerns over the increased chances of developing gambling disorders due to the addictive nature of the pastime. If online casino gaming becomes legal in the state, people will be able to bet on a variety of casino games such as slots, poker, and table games from the comfort of their surroundings. This accessible type of entertainment would be at people’s fingertips, with some of them potentially wagering their entire checks.

Daniel Bradley, a freelance copywriter with MD Betting, said that the company surveyed 1,000 Marylanders of different backgrounds, and 75.84% of them would vote in favor of legalizing online casino gaming if it is subjected to a vote in 2024. This could be a move that would generate millions of revenue for the state coffers. He added that the local economy and job market would benefit from the legalization of yet another form of gambling in the state.

Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency’s Report Indicates the State Could Generate $533 Million in its First Year of Legalized Online Gambling

the State Could Generate $533 Million in its First Year of Legalized Online GamblingA report by the state’s Lottery and Gaming Control Agency indicated that legalized online casino gaming could generate $553 million in revenue in its first year. Maryland’s six land-based casinos generated a combined revenue of $157 million in November 2023. Over $47 million has been allocated to the Education Trust Fund.

Ronald L. Watson, Maryland State Senator, also spoke in favor of legalizing online casino gaming. He said that online gaming had a great potential to act as a constant source of revenue for the state that was currently untapped.

While online casino gaming could be next on the agenda, it was still in the beginning phase, according to the senator. It could become subject to a vote as early as 2024. Maryland’s Senator added that legalized online casino gambling operators would be equipped with responsible gambling mechanisms enabling players to stay within reasonable limits and not succumb to gambling addictions. These would include betting limits and cooling-off periods, among other responsible gambling tools.

Maryland launched its regulated online sports betting industry in November 2022. Some have expressed views that as the sector was still relatively new, its impact could not be assessed precisely. Therefore, the expansion of the available iGaming options should be addressed with caution.

 Author: Harrison Young

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