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South Dakota Lottery Promotes Responsible Gambling through the 2023 Gift Responsibly Campaign

South Dakota Lottery Promotes Responsible Gambling through the 2023 Gift Responsibly CampaignThe South Dakota Lottery, a division of the South Dakota Department of Revenue, has been proactive in advancing awareness about the perils associated with underage use of lottery products. To this end, it has joined forces with other lotteries and community organizations across the globe.

Individuals must be 18 years or older to be able to buy Scratch and Lotto games in South Dakota. The minimum age requirement for Video Lottery products is 21 years or older. Responsible play has been always at the forefront of the South Dakota Lottery’s operations. Participation in ‘The Gift Responsibly Campaign’ is part of the organization’s efforts to raise awareness about the exposure of underage individuals to gambling products.

The Lottery delivers responsible gambling resources on each of its products, including scratch games, lotto games, and video lottery. A toll-free problem gambling helpline is attached to all products, including the official webpage.

Norman Lingle, Executive Director at the South Dakota Lottery, has commented on the Gift Responsibly Campaign and the organization’s commitment to responsible play. He said that according to research, developing a gambling addiction was more likely if an individual was exposed to gambling early in life. He added that children might be exposed to gambling, most often, through lottery products, such as scratch cards. Adults, being completely unaware of their children’s vulnerability, allowed access to such products, which might have a detrimental effect later in life.

Founded in 1987, the South Dakota Lottery has been a reliable source of entertainment and revenue for the state. Responsible play has been an integral part of the organization’s operations. The Gift Responsibly Campaign is among the latest initiatives endorsed by the Lottery.

South Dakota Lottery Prompts Players to “Keep the Fun Good”

South Dakota Lottery Prompts Players to “Keep the Fun Good”As the holiday season approaches, the South Dakota Lottery will concentrate its efforts on promoting responsible gambling and raising awareness of the risks associated with underage lottery product use. This will be achieved through an advertising campaign, social media reminders, and a dedicated web page, ‘Keep the Fun Good’.

Under the ‘Responsible Play’ section of the South Dakota Lottery web page, players will find tips to play responsibly. These include sticking to a plan, time limit, and spending limits, and never trying to win back losses.

Besides sharing contacts of several organizations that provide professional help to problem gamblers, the South Dakota Lottery also delivered facts on youth gambling, under its ‘Responsible Play’ section. Most notably, a large number of young people reported that their first exposure to gambling occurred anywhere between 9 and 11 years of age. Additionally, some adults reported giving lottery tickets to children as holiday gifts. By promoting these facts, the organization aims to raise awareness and bring potential harm to a minimum.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), along with the International Center for Youth Gambling Problems are the organizers of the campaign. The South Dakota Lottery is among the many lotteries across the globe that have joined the campaign. Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the NCPG commented that lottery tickets “are never appropriate gifts for children.”

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