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Asia’s Largest Hard Rock Hotel Coming to Malaysia in 2027 But Casino Gambling Services Will Not Be Available

Genting Highlands is expected to host Asia’s largest Hard Rock Hotel in 2027. According to reports, the planned Malaysia-based venue will offer more than 1,000 apartments and suits, as well as retail space of 200 square meters, a spa, a swimming pool, and several food and beverage options.

In a move that Hard Rock International believes will redefine Asia’s luxury hospitality sector, the company has unveiled an ambitious project for the establishment of its Hard Rock hotel in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. The project is anticipated to become the major attraction of the King’s Park Genting Highlands development, the venue is scheduled for a 2027 opening, offering all the perks Hard Rock is associated with, except casino gambling services.

The newest addition to the company’s portfolio has been promoted as the largest venue of its kind in Asia. Recently, Hard Rock issued a press release revealing that the new property will be committed to providing a world-class experience for its visitors. Probably the biggest change for the company will be its decision that the new venue will not feature a casino, making a large step aside from the traditional Hard Rock formula.

This will help the operator focus on the provision of an immersive and comprehensive experience through various amenities.

Casino Gambling Currently Illegal in Malaysia

Hard Rock has, in fact, shared high hopes for Malaysia and aims to make sure the venue’s patrons get the best entertainment and relaxation in return for their money.

The newly announced venue marks the third collaboration between the Malaysian Government and Hard Rock International, following the success of the company’s hotels in Desaru Coast and Penang Island. The decision for the operator’s further expansion in the country highlights the growing prominence of Malaysia as a key player in the global hospitality and entertainment sector.

For its hospitality and entertainment project, Hard Rock has unveiled a budget of MYR10 billion to reflect the scale of its plans for the region and its willingness to provide an excellent quality experience to the venue’s visitors. The company has shared that it taking a multifaceted approach to achieve these results, with the place’s patrons set to get access to a variety of hotels, retail areas, theme parks, and other amenities. All of these elements combined are aimed at creating a dynamic and vibrant environment that would allow visitors to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The development of King’s Park Genting Highlands has emerged as a massive project that encompasses about 61 hectares of land, with aspirations of becoming the first-ever business district featuring an integrated entertainment hub in Malaysia. The establishment of the project also comes to prove the country’s commitment to innovation and progress.

For the time being, however, gambling is almost fully illegal in Malaysia, which means that developers have to exclude casinos from the project. Such a development aligns with the legal framework of the country, and will also promote an inclusive and family-friendly atmosphere. According to market analysts, the lack of casinos will not have a negative impact on the project’s grandeur. On the contrary, experts believe that it will open the door to other entertainment options and attractions.

 Author: Harrison Young

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