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Resorts World CEO Steps Down from His Position Due to Company Policy Violation

Scott Sibella, the president of the $4 billion Resorts World Las Vegas since its inception in June 2021, has been let go from his position as the resort’s top officer for violating company policies.

On Friday, in an official statement to the media, Resorts World made an announcement about Sibella’s parting with the company after the casino entity had found that Mr Sibella had breached company policies and the terms of his employment at Resorts World.

Right after the announcement about Sibella’s departure from the casino, it was announced that the new CEO for the 3,500-room Genting Berhad-operated resort will be Chief Financial Officer Peter LaVoie.

Just before the Strip resort opened its doors in 2021, Sibella joined Resorts World after spending eight years as MGM Grand Las Vegas’ president.

Resorts World Las Vegas President Steps Down from His Positions Due to Company Policy Violations

In the statement issued by Resorts World, it was only announced that Sibella is stepping down from his position as the resort’s president since the company has been recently notified about him violating company policies as well as not following the terms of his employment. The statement also ensured that LaVoie had the experience and the knowledge required to lead Resorts World through this transitioning process.

Sibilla’s work at Resorts World was of great significance as he managed to get a franchise deal with Hilton Hotels Corp., connecting the huge Hilton Honors database to Resorts World. Thanks to the agreement between the two entities, Hilton brands like Hilton, Conrad, and Crockfords were available at Resorts World Las Vegas.

During his time with the casino company, Sibilla also made Resorts World the most sophisticated cashless gaming venue on the Strip.

Gaming Board’s Previous Investigation Could be Linked to Sibilla Leaving Resorts World

While the statement mentioned violating company policies as a reason for the former CEO’s departure, there was no further information on whether the decision was made following the yearlong investigation led by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Regulators began their investigation on now-former Resorts World CEO after Brandon Satller, a customer who claimed he was an acquaintance of Sibella, made accusations against Sibilla during a fraud litigation lawsuit.

According to Sattler, Sibilla had established connections with convicted bookmaker David Stroj. After he was sentenced in a 2018 federal case to three years of supervised release, Stroj violated the terms of his release. Settler claimed that Stroj was a partial owner of Tacos El Cabron, a food entity within Resorts World. At the time, Stroj’s father worked as a manager at Tacos El Cabron, which closed down later that year.

Once Resorts World were notified of these accusations, they were quick to notify the Gaming Board and were fully compliant during the investigation process. After the yearlong inquiry into Sibilla’s work at Resorts World, it was concluded that the accusations were unfounded. That could mean Sibilla’s current departure with the casino brand could have nothing to do with the Gaming Board’s investigation.

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