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Illinois Lawmakers Keep Their Eyes on Regulating Video Gambling and “Alcopop” Sales in Local Retail Stores

This week, the top committee of Illinois lawmakers could finally resolve two major issues regarding the regulation of video gambling terminals, on one hand, and the sale of mixed alcoholic drinks in retail stores, on the other hand.

The state’s gambling regulator has shared its hopes to see the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules give the green light to a policy to deter addiction to video gambling. The companies that operate video gambling terminals could be required to place special signage with information for customers who seek professional help to deal with their gambling addiction.

The move comes at a time when the local video gambling sector accounts for billions of dollars for the state on an annual basis.

Under the new regulatory rules, every brick-and-mortar venue offering video gambling services would be required to place the signs and keep them visible from each of the terminals and money redemption devices. The signs in question must feature instructions on how to access the Self-Exclusion Program and the Problem Gambling Registry of the Illinois gambling regulatory body.

According to experts, the placement of the required signage could play an extremely important role as it would help the authorities impose stricter control over bars, restaurants, video gambling parlors and gas stations offering such terminals across the state.

JCAR Trying to Prevent Young People from Buying Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

Reportedly, the members of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules in Illinois could also give the nod to a rule aimed at helping local retailers prevent young people from purchasing alcoholic mixed drinks. According to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, large stores across the state should not be allowed to place “alcopop” signs in close proximity to juice, soft drinks, snacks, or bottled water, especially in case the food is offered to minors.

Furthermore, the competent state authorities could require smaller retail operators that do not have enough space to keep their products separated to place special signs noting that the malt drinks contain between 4% and 6% alcohol. The signage must also specifically say that the “alcopop” can only be purchased by customers who are over 21 years of age.

Earlier in 2023, Representative Natalie Manley informed her colleagues that the proposed change could also be helpful to vulnerable adults who are not fully aware of the fact that they are buying alcoholic drinks or consuming such drinks as they think they are carbonated water. Ms. Manley noted that the fast-paced world we live in has its negative effects and oftentimes makes people negligent of the foods and drinks they consume until they realize the actual nature of these foods and drinks.

As revealed by Illinois lawmakers, if the proposed rule regarding mixed alcoholic beverages is brought into effect, it would not apply to a shelf, aisle or display where liquor or other products targeting adult users are offered.

 Author: Harrison Young

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