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Aristocrat Launches New NFL-Themed Slot Machine Across US Casino Floors

Just a few days ahead of the NFL season, Aristocrat Gaming launched its NFL-themed slot machine, which can be found at land-based casinos across the US. Not only does this new era of slot machines appeal to the large number of NFL fans in the US, but it also indicates the long way the NFL has come. From refusing to cooperate in the legislation of gambling in the US, to allowing one of the biggest slot machine developers to use NFL as the theme of its latest slots.

According to the official statement of Aristocrat Gaming, the company will first distribute NFL Super Bowl Jackpots to select casino venues in states like Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Arizona. The company also plans to add more locations in the upcoming months, offering the NFL-inspired slot machine to even more players across the US.

Aristocrat Gaming noted the first few locations it has predicted for the release of NFL Super Bowl Jackpots indicate the first time the game will be available to the playing public. Hector Fernandez, CEO of Aristocrat Gaming commented that this “game-changing” machine is ready to be put into action after the gaming company has spent almost two years partnering with the NFL and NFL Players Association for the creation of the game. Mr Fernandez also made sure to thank Aristocrat Gaming’s teams across the globe who have joined forces to bring this game to life.

New NFL-Themed Slot Machine to Offer Unique Gaming Experience to US Players, NFL’s Tremendous Benefits of Supporting Legal Betting and Gambling

NFL Super Bowl Jackpots is the first of a series of league-themed slot machines that Aristocrat predicts to develop in the next few months. When players approach the slot machine, they will be able to pick a team. This will prompt images of the team, videos of major achievements of the selected team as well as several licensed stadium anthems launched at key moments. The symbols used in the slot will also correspond to the team players have chosen for their slot spins. These features will help players to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay and relive important moments of their favorite NFL team.

The slot has a bonus feature offering Free Games, with NFL Super Bowl Jackpots players also offered the chance to land one of five progressive jackpots when the Jackpot Wheel bonus is triggered. You can land the Mini, Minor, Major, Maxi, or Grand jackpot prize, with the biggest one being a $1 million progressive jackpot.

While Aristocrat Gaming is one of the most popular slot machine developers in the US, what makes this game so special is the collaboration with the NFL and the overall theme and design of the slot machine.

Back when New Jersey was fighting to repeal the restrictive PASPA law and introduce legal sports betting in the US, the NFL was one of the biggest enemies of the process. Nowadays, sports betting has become a major source of income for the league, with sports betting partnerships in the NFL quadrupling in the last few years.

Offering its insight and support of Aristocrat’s new slot machine further implements the long way the NFL has come, not only accepting sports betting and gambling in the US but also showing support for the overall gambling industry in the country.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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