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Casino Royale’s Days on the Las Vegas Strip Coming to an End

Another iconic casino in the Las Vegas Strip is heading for implosion after the loss of the Tropicana casino.

For years, the old saying “Bigger is better” has been ruling the casinos in the Strip, making the once small and intimate casino properties old-school and less interesting. Some of the most popular casino operators there, including MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts, have embraced the idea and the newer resorts in the Las Vegas Strip are massive properties featuring huge casinos, thousands of hotel rooms, a variety of restaurants and entertainment choices.

The new trends in brick-and-mortar casinos have become one of the main reasons why Caesars Entertainment recently refurbished one of its older properties, the former Bally’s, changing its brand to Horseshoe and bringing in a large number of additions, including a sportsbook, an all-age-friendly arcade, as well as a range of restaurants, including steakhouse named after one of Las Vegas legends, Jack Binion.

A few boutique properties remain on the Las Vegas Strip, but most of the iconic brands currently sit inside larger properties that can provide high-roller customers with an experience to a whole new level.

The last few years have seen smaller, old-school properties featuring just a few hundred rooms disappear over the last few years. Casino Royale, which has been one of the last remaining boutique casino resorts now seems to be in its final days.

Casino Royale to Share the Fate of Tropicana to Bring New Mega-Property on the Strip

Even though it is not in the trend, Casino Royale often gets noticed by the visitors of the Las Vegas Strip. The casino has been taking full advantage of that position with some features or new player bonuses, such as free play.

However, the hotel, which is operated by the Best Western Hotels & Resorts chain, is easy to miss. It currently offers only 152 rooms, making it quite a small player in the local casino market. Despite that, Casino Royale has managed to survive on the Strip since 1964, becoming one of the older properties there, after the Flamingo and the soon-to-be-demolished Tropicana casino. The property is set to share the same fate because it has become impossible, or at least impractical, to operate a property such as that on the Strip.

It was officially reported that the owners of Casino Royale have filed paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration, as they are seeking permission to replace the small casino and hotel with a much bigger project. The 11-page report from the FAA shows a proposal to establish or operate a 699-feet-tall building, which would qualify as a skyscraper and would actually be taller than many resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. According to reports, the Federal Aviation Administration has signed off on the project, after making an evaluation that showed the new building would not compromise the airspace of the city.

There is also much work to do because the plan would still have to get the approval of Clark County. Still, the FAA permission is considered a clear indicator that Casino Royale’s days are coming to an end. For the time being, the hotel has not yet announced a closure date and visitors can still book their stay there.

 Author: Harrison Young

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