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Major Regulatory Changes in the Greek Casino Sector Being Considered by the Hellenic Gaming Commission

Major changes in the way casinos are operated in Greece are expected to become one of the main discussion topics in the next few weeks. The Hellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) has rolled out three change proposals that are now available for discussion by the members of the country’s gambling sector.

The discussions on the proposed measures are open until September 15th, 2023.

One of the new measures that have been suggested by the Greek gambling regulator involves the establishment of a national self-exclusion register that is intended to overhaul the player protection laws that already exist in the country. The EEEP would keep its position as the main body to regulate the sector and would maintain the proposed self-exclusion register with information on players who are willing to ban themselves from gambling for a certain period of time. The self-exclusion register would include not only the duration of the suspension but also the identity of the licensee that received the request for the ban.

The proposed change would allow local players to choose for how long they are willing to ban themselves from gambling, with the suggested duration of the self-exclusion being from one week to 10 months. Self-exclusion from gambling could only be lifted after a special request is filed by the excluded player and the chosen time period has passed.

The piece of legislation also includes the possibility of the implementation of a so-called “individual playing card” that would allow players to take part in the games available at brick-and-mortar casinos across the nation while connected to their online accounts. The third change that is currently being discussed is the requirement for every licensed casino to feature a special studio space where live dealer games would be operated.

Proposed Casino Changes Seen as “Key Innovations” by the Greek Gambling Regulator

The companies that currently hold operating permits in the Greek gambling market are given the chance to give feedback on the proposed measures until September 15th, when the discussion period closes. If the new measures are officially accepted, they are set to be put into effect by the country’s Ministry of National Economy and Finance.

According to the Hellenic Gaming Commission, the proposed changes are key innovations for the regulation of the local casino sector. The regulator published a special release on its website, saying that the draft law is focused on the regulation of various issues associated with administrative control and operation of casino businesses in Greece. As explained further by the watchdog, the consultation in place is set to help all interested parties formulate their own views on the situation.

When the regulatory proposals are considered in detail, it seems that licensed casino operators might also be required to make sure their employees go through a series of education and training programs supervised by training managers. That will help gambling businesses make sure that their customers are well-protected against potential gambling harm.

 Author: Harrison Young

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