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Former Texas Governor Confident That Sports Betting Could Be Approved in 2025

Although the 2023 legislative session in Texas turned out unsuccessful for the proposed sports betting expansion, former Governor Rick Perry remains confident that the State Senate can be persuaded to see the potential profits of adding the relatively new form of gambling to its legal gambling market. Perry, who is currently a spokesperson for the Texas Sports Betting Alliance, has been known for his avid support of the proposed move and his efforts to push the legalization of sports betting forward in the Lone Star State.

Texas voters were unable to show their opinion on the matter because the proposed piece of legislation died upon advancing to the State Senate. Despite its failure, former Governor Rick Perry remains optimistic and believes that the legislative issue could succeed in the local Legislature in 2025.

The former Governor of Texas noted that the proposed sports betting bill would combat the $6-billion illegal market through the implementation of “commonsense regulations” and also protect local residents without expanding the Government’s size and scope.

Some research firms have disagreed with those estimates, saying that Perry has overstated the size of the illegal sports betting market in the state. Still, they agreed that the local black market for sports wagering is probably substantial, especially considering the fact that Texas is currently the second-largest state in the US, which is why it has become one of the most attractive jurisdictions for legal and regulated sportsbook services.

Mr. Perry issued a statement praising State Senator Lois Kolkhorst and Representative Jeff Leach for their efforts and work in terms of the proposed legalization of sports betting services. The former Governor of the state also highlighted the fact that, earlier in May, the Texas State House voted 101 to 42 in favor of the proposed measure, which would have allowed local voters to decide on the fate of the issue. According to Mr. Perry, that vote was a historic one for the state.

Sports Betting Bill Failed to Reach Senate Floor in 2023

As previously reported, various polls confirmed that local residents favor the addition of casino gambling and mobile sports betting services in Texas.

However, the failure of proposed pieces of legislation seeking the legalization of more forms of gambling in the state is not surprising. At the beginning of 2023, some market analysts, research firms and Texas political observers shared that sports betting could gain some momentum this year, but they believed such a move could face better odds in 2025.

At the time, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick was also skeptical about the proposed gambling expansion and consistently claimed that the sports betting measure would not get enough votes in the Senate. It seems he was right about that because the matter was not even brought to the Senate floor in the days toward the end of Texas’ legislative session.

The legalization of sports betting in the state currently requires a constitutional amendment that needs to be approved by Texan voters after the issue receives approval by at least two-thirds of the House and Senate members. The proposed measure managed to get the necessary approval in the House, but it failed to get to the upper legislative chamber for further consideration.

As mentioned above, former Governor Perry remains positive about the fate of sports betting in the Lone Star state. According to him, local residents should be given a chance to vote on a sports betting legalization measure and proponents of such a gambling expansion would make an effort to put the initiative on the 2025 ballot. According to some analysts, sports betting could find an easier road to passage, considering that presidential elections are set to be held in 2025. Furthermore, there is a chance that the Governor’s Office and one of two US Senate seats to open in the midterm elections in 2026, which could also help the measure make the much-desired progress.

 Author: Harrison Young

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