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Argentina World Cup Win Costs Twitch Steramer $500,000 Bet

The intense World Cup final game between France and Argentina was also one of the biggest betting options for numerous punters across the world. After Argentina beat its opponent, a popular Twitch streamer lost a $500,000 bet on France to end up the winner of the World Cup.

The big loser turned out to be xQc, who is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, ranking as the most-watched content creator on the platform for the past two years. Felix, which is the real name of the streamer, is also one of the highest-earning content creators on Twitch, with his channel currently having over 11 million followers and hundreds of thousands of views on a regular basis.

Twitch Streamer Loses $500,000 Bet on France Winning World Cup Final

Felix is one of the several people who have made a sponsorship deal with the crypto gambling platform Stake this year. In a tweet, the streamer shared a screenshot of his bet made through the platform of Stake. The picture showed that xQc had made a $500,000 bet on France for the winner of the World Cup final.

In his tweet, the streamer seemed very confident that his bet was an easy win, showing great support for the French team. However, as the game progressed, it turned out this was not the “easiest win of [his] life” as xQc has called the bet in his tweet.

It seemed that Felix got scared earlier in the game when Argentina took the lead with a score of 2-0 in the first half of the game. This was the point at which the streamer decided to take advantage of an early cashout, earning him the small amount of $5,000 in consolation.

Had xQc waited a bit longer, he would have lost a lot less, as Kylian Mbappe got France back in the game during the second half of the match, with France scoring two goals against Argentina. There was also an added time, during which the two teams scored a third goal each. Had the streamer waited for his early cashout, he would have lost a lot less.

Despite Failed World Cup Bet, xQc is Unlikely to Suffer Substantial Losses

Ultimately, the Twitch streamer would have lost his bet if he did not take an early cashout as the World Cup final ended with Argentina winning the grand prize. That said, despite him losing a significant amount on the unsuccessful bet, xQc is unlikely to suffer any significant damage to his balance.

It was estimated that Felix would earn millions of dollars per year due to his loyal fanbase, which is bringing xQc numerous monthly subscriptions and donations. Due to his popularity on the streaming platform, xQc has also signed several sponsorship deals, including one with the crypto gambling platform Stake.

While Twitch faced a lot of scrutiny over many of its streamers sharing gambling-related content, xQc still manages to rank among the top content creators on the platform.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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